Thursday, February 14, 2008

Ducks On The Move

This evening at feed time, the "boarder gate" was opened and 9 not so little ducklings were allowed to mingle with the "great ones".

Opening the gate and getting the ducklings through the "boarder gate" took 2 trips round "Freedom Road" and by this time Twinner had joined in. Twinner was just busting to get back with her kids and she wasted no time when my back was turned.

Okay now that's a few ducks in this duck run. I have 2 families calling in and looking and hopefully taking some home with them. Seeing as its the end of February and 1st week of March, we thought it was time to shift them into the bigger area.

All 9 ducklings and yep, you guessed it.... Twinner in the back ground. That duck so needs to get a grip and let her kids go.

Now that is a pond! Not that little orange dish they had out grown. But a grown up pond and did they have fun hopping in and having a grown up swim.

So now Bonnie and her 3 chicks have a peaceful meal time, no ducks thieving their chick crumble. The wild birds is another thing. eek

When Oprah's chicks hatch out, she and her bubs..... should be able to wander safely in "Freedom Road" and not worry about being run over by web feet.

Until next time....hoo roo

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