Saturday, February 23, 2008


Yesterday we had a couple of light showers of rain, enough to run outside and take Amy's washing off the line. That was spread onto the clothes rack in the rumpus room to finish drying.

Then last night just before 9 pm we had another shower of rain and was treated to that lovely fresh smell of rain in the air.

We measured 2 mm this morning in the rain gauge.

When we are talking to family interstate, they are under the impression we are getting a fair bit of rain. Weather person on the TV interstate tells them... rain showers for Adelaide. What they don't see or hear is, our weather person telling us, the rain went bye-byes and forgot to rain over the city.

Its that dry here, even new houses are starting to crack. So if you thought we were getting rain here....... sorry we're not.

Lets talk cheery things....

My garlic chives is out in flower and its just putting on a stunning show. I don't actually use this in the kitchen. I wanted it for the flowers, to help attract some bees to the garden. This plant came from our "good gardening buddy" Pepper, last year on one visit to his place.

Not the best photo to show you, but it was overcast and the flash wanted to work. Garlic chives plant. Lovely and green and oodles of flowers to liven up the vegie patch.

Couple of my cloves I harvested at the end of last year. These guys were earmarked for my first loaf of garlic bread that I made this afternoon.

I have been able to grow garlic each year from my previous years harvest. Taken a few years to get enough to have what I want for the kitchen and what I need for the next crop.

So when I plant out my garlic next month, they'll be organic, local, big and plump. Gotta be a good start before they are even in the ground.

I have posted over on my Garden to Plate blog the result of the bread I made. It was so yummy (had to try it straight away) and no more buying garlic bread at the supermarkets from now on.

Pat said the house stunk of garlic.... he doesn't eat garlic bread, so more for me & Amy.

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