Thursday, February 28, 2008

Going To Garden Australia Expo.

This signed photo of Josh Byrne was sent to me by 2 lovely gardening friends over in W.A. last year. Tomorrow I will get to see this man in the flesh.

Tomorrow my sister Debbie & I are going to the Garden Australia Expo here in Adelaide.

We are so excited about seeing not only the expo and what it has to offer, but to see and hopefully meet the presenters.

My 2 idols will be there tomorrow, Peter Cundall and Josh Byrne. For people overseas and not familiar with these names, they are gardening gurus here in Australia.

Peter Cundall is well known for his organic vegie garden and I have learnt so much through his books, TV show and DVDs.

Josh Byrne is very much into permaculture and I use his practices where possible in my backyard.

So tomorrow I'll be in my element listening to them and looking at what the expo has on offer.

Must remember not to drool too much lol as to me they are the Brad Pitt and George Clooney's of my world.

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1 comment:

Lucy C said...

Oooh Aaaah.
Make sure you get some photos.