Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Green Bags

I have some of these bags in the car for our main shopping day and as you can see, some hang on the front door. This is to remind us to take a green bag when walking to the shops, so we don't need to use a plastic bag the shops offer.

They are a great idea and can carry more food in these than a plastic bag.

Often I hear people say, they forget to bring them when they go shopping and they either buy new bags or use the plastic bags supplied at the shops.

Yesterday while walking to the shops I noticed the bag I had in my hand had developed a frayed hole in the bottom near the seam area. Pretty well making it not much good for cans or milk and a walk home.

What do I do with a environment bag that has started to break down? It becomes the poultry green bag for carrying loosed leaves from our grocery shop home for them.

So I needed to buy a new bag while in the supermarket. Figured for a change I'd have a pretty blue bag instead of the green bags on offer next to the coloured bags in blue, yellow, pink to name a few colours.

Buyer beware...... the coloured bags are 40 cents dearer...because they are not green. They look the same but the colour makes them dearer at the check-out. I wonder how many people think they are paying 99 cents for a coloured bag and don't check their receipt to find they have paid $1.39 per bag. Also my local supermarket doesn't show the price of the coloured bags, but does with the green bags.

So after a deep and meaning discussion with the front end operator, regarding this practice. I had my blue bag exchanged for a green one and my 40 cents refunded.

This now brings me to the following questions.

  • Do you wash your bags every so many trips to the shops? You are putting food into them, mine are washed regularly.

  • What happens to the bags when they are not any good for carrying stuff in them? Do they go to the land fill and if so, how long will it take for them to break down?
I use these bags all the time, not only in the house, but Pat also uses some of the old ones to store tools in.

They are a great idea, but it does lead me to more questions about their impact on the environment in years to come.

Until next time ....hoo roo

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Libbys Blog said...

We use these bags too, the 'Eco' ones we got free from our local recycle place actually recycle, so we can't really wash them! But the supermarket ones I bought, well to be honest I'm not sure, thank you for pointing this out!
Great Post by the way!

Lucky-1 said...

Thanks for the feed back Libby. Yes I often wonder how many don't think to wash those bags.

Deb said...

This is an issue that is always going to be debateable. I use the Onya bags which i also now sell at my website
They are made of parachute material and stuff inside their own pocket. They have a clip to attach to your handbag (that way i don't forget them!!)
Additionally they have a great bag made of mesh that you can use for your fruit and veg(many people still use plastic for this)~ then use it as a colander to wash your produce when you get home...fab idea i think.
Hopefully, re-usable bags will last longer (think how many less plastic bags you have used in the time of using that green bag) and I hope have much less impact on our environment than plastic bags do, which so many people view as simply "disposable"...
There are a number of towns who have become plastic bag free; in time lets hope Australia can!!

Lucky-1 said...

Oh I often wonder how many plastic bags have been refused and the "green bags" used.