Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Hair Raising Time Today.

Today being payday and it so hot outside, I said to Pat, well actually I told Pat..... I'm getting my hair cut today. Last hair cut was back in Nov 07 when we were in Sydney and even then I was debating whether to have it cut and not trimmed.

So while out shopping I treated myself to a shampoo and blow dry at the hair dresser. I've had long hair now for over 5 years and I much prefer my hair shorter. Pat loves long hair and so he can grow his to his hearts content and I'll have mine the way I want it.

Looking at all the hair on the floor after the deed was completed, I felt like I was leaving a part of me behind. So I asked my hairdresser, if she could collect it for me to bring home.

Weight was 40 grams and this will be added to my worm farm. Human hair can be added to a worm farm as long as its not had perms or hair colouring put through it. Plenty of hair to split between all 3 worm farms.

That is what I look like now and I feel so much better for it. That's my natural curl and no curling chemicals was put into my hair, when it was blow dried.

Much better and I don't feel like I need to take my broom when I go anywhere now.

Another good win for today was going back to the supermarket about those pricing practices on the environment bags.

Today I noticed at another supermarket by the same chain, had all their prices splashed everywhere showing the different prices for their shopping bags.

So when we hit our local shopping centre this afternoon, I checked ....... and nothing had changed.

I asked very nicely to see the manager of the supermarket and said only he could help me.

Well a different story today mrgreen he listen to my questions and my point of view as a customer. No glaring from him, no "nope we don't want to be helpful to you today"...... he said the prices will be up and also wanted to know who I spoke too. He wasn't aware that the had been a problem and wasn't happy I had been fobbed off and had to deal with the front end lady in charge.

And look what I got for free...... my blue bag.

May have been only $1.39 that he gave me in goods, but it the fact he acknowledged there was a concern from the customer and he then promised it would be fixed. That is what made me feel important when I left the shop, I had been listened too, not had ones hands thrown up into the air and given a swap over bag to shut me up.

So today I have done battle and come up trumps. I feel really good for it too.

until next time....hoo roo

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