Sunday, February 24, 2008

Little Chicks 1 Month Old

Little chickens will be 4 weeks old this Thursday (28th) and they have that scruffy look about them. Late yesterday I tried to grab then to take photos, but in the end I felt like Wylie Coyote as they are the Road Runners.

Man can those 3 move and move they do. Zipping just outside my reach, between my feet and around me.

But this morning I was quicker. lol Much quicker.

When all 6 chickens hatched, they were all a fluffy yellow colour and so I marked the 2 cross bred ones with a permanent black texta. The 2 cross bred chicks have no black feathers coming and are still bigger than the only remaining Light Sussex Bantam that has survived.

I am hoping that they all hens as when I grabbed them, they sure squealed like girls. Anyone would have thought I had a skewer with cherry tomatoes and onion quarters in my other hand. Boy did they carry on.......

The little Light Sussex bantam is starting to get coloured markings around her neck. They are more prominent when she stretches her neck, when looking at something.

Just starting to colour up in her tail as well. Must admit when little chickens start to get their second set of feathers their little bum feathers are just so funny to look at.

There is some colouring in her wing bar, looking at her parents this will disappear in the next moult.

In 4 weeks again they will be different again, as little chickens grow so quickly.

Until next time....hoo roo

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