Saturday, February 02, 2008

Milly My Grandkitty

Today I had a lazy day as yesterday after scrubbing the shower out, my left knee swelled and is sore to bend and walk on.

So as it was over 30 degrees again, I vegged out in front of the TV and watched some movies. The list of things I want to do are still on the white board.

While watching a movie, Amy walked through the lounge room with her little cat who will be 12 months old at the end of March. I took some photos and with both Amy & Milly's permission I have popped one up here to show you.

Milly, my "Grandkitty" who is even more spoilt that my cat "Lucky". I mean how many cats get fresh prawns shelled for them, when mummy's been away house sitting for 2 weeks eek That is what Amy brought home with her, as a bonding session with Milly, first night home. Mind you, Rebel my pure White Russian cat also enjoyed the bonding session the 3 of them had. mrgreen

Milly has to be Amy's soul mate, when Amy comes home, Milly rushes to the front door and waits for Amy to come inside. Milly hangs off of Amy and loves to nuzzle Amy any chance she can.

NOTE: Amy just read this and said, "Too bad Milly's isn't a male" lol rolleyes

Until next time....hoo roo

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