Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Oh It Was So Cool Today

Today was such a lovely cool day here in Luckyland. Temp yesterday reached 39 degrees and today was about 20 degrees. Big differance and was it such a joyful day.

I was busy in the kitchen and cleaning the house, after the hot days we had. House looked like a bomb had gone off.

So while I washed, ironed, put fresh sheets on the bed, vacuumed and pottered round. I managed with my bread maker to make a batch of hot X buns, dinner rolls & a loaf of bread.

Plus a yummy meal with capsicums from my little vegie patch. mrgreen

If you'd like to see my buns, loaf of bead or how to make this meal... check out my blog...
Garden to Plate.

Had the usual playtime down the back with the animals. Only got 2 eggs from them today. Guess the girls we overcome with joy at the cooler weather and forgot to lay any more eggs. lol

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