Monday, February 04, 2008

Recycling Is Good For The Wallet

This what I should have been doing last night, like Harley I should have been sleeping like a baby.

But no evil I couldn't sleep and even with the help of a little white pill (taken as a last resort) I still slept in fits and fads and for that reason, I woke with a headache at 5 am. So I rolled over and switched the alarm off and hoped that when I woke the headache would be gone.

I have this shocking habit of playing thoughts through my mind as I lay there in the dark..... and plan what I want to do the following day. Get so excited about what I am going to do and plan other things. Like the area I said needs therapy.... green manure over the winter months. I have the bird netting to keep the birds out from eating all the seeds, as this happened last year.

Hence I don't sleep even with the help of that sleeping pill.

So I was late getting up this morning and kick starting the body.

I did harvest these 3 cucumbers and 2 went with me to the place where I sell eggs. The people give me the left over bread rolls for the animals and so I like to say thanks with organic vegies.

We did get started after a fashion though, refunded bottles were packed in boxes and bags for the recycle centre. We also took the old radiator that was sitting in the backyard. Pat was impressed as he was given $12.00 for it. No wonder people are out there, stealing copper if we got $12 for the old radiator, as it had copper in it.

So we have started, just not as far as what I was hoping. But tomorrow is another day. mrgreen

Until next time....hoo roo

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Libbys Blog said...

Just been catching up with whats been going on at the 'Lucky Household'. Still can't get it into my head that you are heading to autumn as we are (hopefully) heading to spring. Can't wait to get out and about in the garden again!!!

Lucky-1 said...

Hi Libby:D
Yes I am counting down to the end of summer:) I too am looking forward to the cooler days where I can spend the day out the back. This will also include a BBQ for lunch and then back to pottering around the garden.

Blogs I visit from up in the colder countries, some have snow and they look so lovely and cold as I sit here and sweat.