Saturday, February 09, 2008

Saturday In The Garden & Chook Antics.

This feels like a Saturday of old..... me out the back, playing in my vegie garden and having a wonderful time.

Though my right ankle isn't still 100%, I have made a great impact out the back, with Pat's help. So lets take a look at what we got up to today outside in my little vegie patch.

I decided the area to the left of the tomatoes as well as the tomato area itself would be the main playing area for today. We harvested a whole 4 tomatoes for the season and the grand weight was 238 grams. I know, I know....... pitiful to say the lest.

Enough sooking about the crappy harvest........ I have built a great bridge and am over it and onto new projects.

So this morning after the tomato plants were removed as well as the old bush beans, I raked back the mulch from where the tomato plants were free loading. I looked and thought about what I want to grow in this area.

While thinking about what to grow there Pat & I cleaned up the veranda, chased spider webs, bird seed shells under the furniture and around the garden table area.

By this time, it was almost lunch and as we were having a BBQ, so it was another item that needed cleaning.

Pat's job was to clean the BBQ (as he'd do a better job than me) and mine was to cook. So while Pat was cleaning the BBQ, he was being supervised by Rebel & Milly who were sitting on a stool. Gets rough when even outside we need to be supervised by the fur The 2 cats were fascinated with all the going ons outside and were happy to sit and watch.

Note: Neither hung round to help me do the dishes once lunch was all finished.

Lunch plus a couple of salads I had made earlier in the morning. Nothing is nicer than when playing out the back than having a BBQ for lunch with a icy skinny coke. Amy had been to the shops and picked up some chicken skewers.... so we'll have another BBQ tonight with the left over lamb and snags.

Love to sit out the back and have lunch and listen to the gang as they go about their day. Then it was inside to clean up the kitchen and back out into the garden.

I raked back enough of the mulch to clear an area and the rest was placed back where the tomatoes had been growing. To start off with, I thought I'd plant some garlic here next month. Then I remembered it can get a bit over wet here in the winter months, when it rains.

So instead I'm going to sow some spring onions this evening, in line with moon phases for planting. Then later next week some carrots and beetroot. The garlic will go further down the other end near the capsicums.

I was so pleased to be able to post a couple of photos the other day of Bonnies' 4 little chicks. As I lost one of the pure Light Sussex bantam chicks later in the day. Little chick found its way into the chook run and the hens, just pecked it to death. Being so tiny, I guess they thought it was a mouse maybe?

So now down the 1 pure Light Sussex Bantam and hoping its a hen and the 2 bigger bantam Isa Brown crosses. Out of the 6 chickens that hatched only 3 hopefully will keep getting bigger. If the little pure Light Sussex is a hen (please let it be) I'll call it Kelly, to keep in line with the M*A*S*H theme of names.

These 3 little chicks are so enjoying the sunshine and learning about dust baths, scratching and enjoying life.

I still have either Klinger or Hotlips broody as well as Oprah. So yesterday afternoon I set the nursery pen up again for another clutch of chicken eggs to be set.

I went with Oprah as she is older and sitting more tightly in the nest boxes than what Klinger or Hotlips is. Oprah won't move unless I lift her out by her tail and my hand under her tummy.

So I popped her into the worm box nest and she went nuts. eek I mean she flew out over the top of the nursery pen, and cracked the crap outside the shed to get back into the chook run. Usually she's trying to get out the hen run. So to stop her stressing I opened the gate and she ran back inside and straight up to her next box.

I walked away thinking....... after some more thinking, I went back up and collected Oprah and her nest box and popped her back into the nursery pen. Threw her the plastic egg and ..... she tucked it under her and she's still there now.mrgreen

So I have 3 Light Sussex Bantam eggs for her and in a couple of days I'll take the plastic egg away and give her a clutch of eggs. Hoping to set about 7 eggs under her as she's a bigger bodied hen.

So that is about it from me today. So glad we are having the cooler weather as it's just wonderful to be outside playing and not getting over heated.

Until next time....hoo roo

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Libbys Blog said...

I wish I had room to have one of my hens sit on a clutch of eggs! Never mind I shall watch yours instead!

Lucky-1 said...

You can be an honorary Auntie:D

Baby chickens or ducklings are such a joy to have.