Tuesday, February 05, 2008

Slowly But Surely

After tea last night it was cool enough for it not be too uncomfortable tiding up the backyard. I concentrated on the back veranda, where it was over crowed and at time unsafe to walk past items.

Doesn't it look better?

The chairs that came with Pa's kitchen table need a lot of work fixing them up. With sanding back and using varnish with fumes, we have decided its not worth risking Pat's health. So first place I will ring, is my local parish and see if there is someone who can do the 4 chairs up. Then either use the set or donate them to St Vincent de Paul. If I have no luck there, I'll try the Salvation Army.
I don't want to break them up and sent the chairs off to land fill.

I am so pleased the rabbit hutch has been put into a safer area, away from me. Last year I spent 2 weeks getting my leg dressed daily as I fell over it (on the lawn that time) and cut the front of my leg open, from just under the knee to the front of my ankle.

Anyway much cleaner and while I did this, Pat folder down any boxes we had collected from our local grocery shop, full of greens for the animals.

We were going to collect a few free bags of horse manure today, out where we buy the poultry feed. But Pat's asthma wouldn't have put up with him holding old grain bags and me shoveling it into the bags. As it's free and we can take what we want, so shoveling isn't a problem for us. We'll see how Pat's lungs are feeling later in the week. Then I can revamp the compost and get it cooking again.

Slowly but surely we are getting a bit done each day. Nothing was done today as we spent our day shopping.

Until next time....hoo roo

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Libbys Blog said...

Doesn't take too much time to get it all tidied up, just have to get going!!

Lucky-1 said...

Yes this seems to be the hardest part, taking that first step. But a backyard can look so amazing once it's started.:)