Sunday, February 03, 2008

So It Begins

So it begins, my hard play on the garden out the back. The yard will be cleaned up, soft drink bottles collected and taken to the bottle refund yard along with the broken car radiator. Boxes broken and squashed and placed in the recycle bin for Tuesday morning collection.

Lawn will be mowed and added to the compost bins.

Foot paths need to be swept and stuff stored there, packed away.

No-dig gardens primed for autumn plantings.

Table moved off the lawn after the junk sorted out. More verandas swept and tidied up.

Plants removed like the beans and those tomato bushes.

Near this area a plot prepared for a sowing of carrot seeds and beetroot seeds on Tuesday in line with the moon planting.

This area needs therapy.......

So tomorrow the alarm goes off at 6 am and I will be outside before it warms up too much and see what I can get done in a couple of hours.

There is no real time stamped on when I will have my plans all completed. I will do all areas and also at the same time if something needs to be done for a planting time...this area will take priority.

I'll be taking some feed bags out with us to my poultry feed supplier and collect a pile of horse manure for compost.

It's okay to show the not so green, or not so successful part of the garden. It's important to see this and to show this, as it will show some other gardener somewhere out in gardening cyber world....... you are not alone.

There is only 26 days left in the calendar year of summer twisted then the cooler weather will hopefully be closer and the garden will be looking happier and not hurting so much.

Success or failure..... it's all part of living.

Until next time....hoo roo

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