Saturday, February 16, 2008

Summer Is Back

Even though we're in the last month of summer and it can still be hot into March, we have had some lovely cooler days and mild nights.

Guess it had to come to an end at some stage and it's today and for the next few days. Looking at a temp of 36 here and for the next few days.

So all animals are ready for the heat for the next few hours, from fresh water to frozen milk bottles in their hutches. Bird baths are full of water in the front and back yards. So hopefully our animals and the feathery visitors, don't find today too uncomfortable.

Nice to know at least the capsicums are thriving in the garden. Love to see the red capsicums on the bushes. Heaps of green ones at all sizes and stages of growth on the bushes.

With it being so hot here, we are inside keeping cool. So to fill my hours I am knitting a pair of socks for myself and a white baby jacket. If you haven't checked out my other 2 blogs you can find them here....

Garden to Plate

My Knitting Box

I tried preserving some roasted capsicums in oil...redface.....................eek oh boy wasn't that a flop. You can find out how I did it and maybe offer some advice on where I went wrong. Its over on my Garden to Plate blog.

Until next time....hoo roo

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Allotment Lady said...

Your garden, ducks and chooks are look so wonderful - I love ready your blog.

Off to see what went wrong with your peppers.

Kate said...

Cool change later today - hooray! And with the moon nearly full now. I will be sowing seeds, starting tomorrow, in the cool. So glad I found you blog via Scarecrow's.

Lucky-1 said...

Hi Kate, glad you called in to have a bo-peep at my place:) Hope your seeds sowing goes well. Try and stay cool:)

Lucky-1 said...

Allotment Lady, I hope you know what happened to my

Glad you love to see what the feather kids are up to. Love to roam around you place too.