Tuesday, February 12, 2008

This And That #2

I'm sitting here waiting for the bread maker to set off the beep that tells me the Hot Cross Bun mixture is finished and ready for me to divide and get ready for cooking. I always make my own and I find they have much more flavour and I can make the sizes bigger than those scrawny ones in the shops. Also I don't start making the buns until Lent has commenced.

So while I wait, I thought I'd pop up some news here.

Yesterday Pat & I went to a funeral and as it was out near where our "Good Gardening Buddy Pepe" lives. We called in to his place and had lunch with him. We didn't go empty handed as worm wee and a bottle of home made tomato sauce was our gifts to him and his lovely wife.

We had a wonderful visit and lunch was wonderful, including some freshly picked sweet corn and salad items.

While sitting outside having a cuppa, we talked about the water restrictions South Australia is subjected too. Plus gardening thoughts on when and what to plant in the coming months.

After a few hours we headed home with organic food from Pepe's (now know as Pepper) garden. Lebanese cucumbers, an egg plant for me to eat and some kale leaves.

I was meant to go to a evening meeting, but I wound up with a migraine and was in bed by 6.30. After a wonderful nights sleep, I am refreshed and busy as a bee today.

Oprah's plastic egg has been removed and replaced with 5 Light Sussex Bantam eggs. Due out on the 3rd of March.

While servicing the worm farms I found this not so little slug in my worm farm. When not stretched out like in the photo, he's one huge fat slug. Have to be one of the biggest slugs I have ever seen. Also one of the biggest slugs Banjo has ran round the duck run, trying to swallow it.Amazes me how the slugs and odd snail get into the worm farms. Going from the size of this slug, life must be good, for the worms as they are fat too.

Until next time....hoo roo

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