Monday, March 31, 2008

13.5 mm Of Rain

Another 7.5 mm out of the rain gauge this morning and this brings the total for the month to 13.5 mm of soaking steady rain. Not all in one shower. Where I have been watering the garden has stayed moist and now after the last 7.5 mm, other parts of the garden is staying moist too.

This morning I was just thrilled to find the seeds sown have started to germinate.




I feel on top of the world to see new life in the vegie patch and the fact its food for the winter months is just overwhelming.

After the harsh summer with the water restrictions and not planting a lot along with the dismal tomato crop...... well I am sure you can understand why I am just so excited.

Said to Pat last night while harvesting a couple of capsicums, they look like Christmas bobbles in a tree. Might only be small, but they are sweet and just so yummy to eat fresh in a salad. Just love the red colour against the green of the leaves.

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Libbys Blog said...

I know what you mean, we have had a couple of days of warmer weather and its been so nice to get out and potter round the garden again!!!

Lucky-1 said...

It sure is Libby:D