Sunday, March 02, 2008

Collecting Worm Wee.

Having moved my 3 worm farms to under the carport last year I have a new challenge with the farms there. This summer having the farms away from the afternoon sun made the worms much more comfortable. But I found on the windy days, even with the carport roller door down, garden litter was still making its way into the collection buckets.

So I needed to come up with an easy way of straining out the rubbish. So with Pat behind the camera to show you what I do, lets take a look.

I strained the worm wee through a knee high stocking from 1 bucket to another. This makes it easier than covering a kitchen funnel and doing the straining at a slow pace into a storing bottle.

Once the buckets are all strained strained, I am left with leaf litter, casting silt, moths and mozzies that have been breeding in the bucket.

This isn't to be wasted as I then wash the stocking in a bucket of water and then pour this goodness out over a plant in my vegie patch.

Worms don't really wee...... its just the water that is used to keep the farm damp and the worms comfortable. I store the worm wee in 5 to 10 litres bottles, out of direct sunlight. I use 1/3 part worm wee to a 9 litre watering can.

Another great way of using your castings is to pop a couple of handfuls into a bucket and add water. Give it a good mixing and then either add to the soil around the plant using a watering can, with the rose off the end. Or strain it the way I showed you and with the rose on the end of the watering can, use it as a leaf foliage spray.

Having a worm farm is a great way of not only recycling your kitchen scraps, but having free fertilizer on hand when ever you want it.

Until next time....hoo roo

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Jean said...

I have started a couple of worm farms in the last three months. I would be interested in knowing what sort of containers you have yours in? I have mine in 10 litre plastic buckets, the bottom one has very large stones in the bottom and the top one has holes in the bottom to drain the wee. Do you think I would be better with larger containers?

Lucky-1 said...

Your worms will live in any size container and breed to the conditions they are in.Broccoli foam boxes are very popular with people who want to save money and recycle.

I use these kind of worm farms and if you use this link it'll show them to you.

Kez said...

How long will the worm wee last when it's stored?