Saturday, March 15, 2008

Correction On The Egg Post.

The other day I posted about what to do with eggs laid by my bantams, who are eating the chick starter & crumble with the 3 chickens.

Cosmic Gardner posted a comment about this post and asked me the following....

Lucky, isn't it illegal to put antibiotics in chicken food these days? It seems to defeat the objective of raising your own eggs!

I then thought I had better check my information as I may be wrong.eek And I was.

So I do apologize for getting my information wrong.

What I should have said was the chick crumble is medicated but not with antibiotics but with medication for Coccidiosis. I got myself mixed up.

Any confusion I cause, I am truly sorry for this.

It must be pointed out that if feeding these crumbles to your little chickens and you have adult hens feeding of the crumble, you still can't eat the eggs.

My 3 chickens run separate from the main laying hens and run with their silky mum (Bonnie) & her sister Clyde. They have an area all to themselves.

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