Thursday, March 06, 2008

Damn Its Hot

This little huntsman spider was on the inside of our shed door, found it when getting ice bricks for the rabbits today. It's just not funny on how hot it is today 38 degrees at the moment.

This morning we shot into the city via the train and caught a tram to Central Market. Home within 2 hours and before the heat really set in. While in there I bought some grains for making my own multi grain bread, rather than buying a bread flour with the grains all ready in it. So now I need only buy crusty bread flour instead of 2 different kinds of bread flour. Fruit in at the markets was dearer by the kilo than what we are paying out north. So we only bought the grains, coffee and bacon.

Yesterday I was going to sow the root crops as the moon phase was ready for this line of planting. But with temps up around 38 degrees for the next so many days, I am going to wait until the next window planting time for root crops later in the month.

By then it'll have cooled down some and maybe a few mm of rain will have fallen. I keep seeing a new segment on the Channel 7 weather report where they predict rain in the up coming weeks. Funny how the rain is there a couple of weeks away on that calendar they put up on the screen and when that date arrives.... no rain at all.evil I really don't enjoy that part of the weather report at all.... waste of air and space if you ask me.

So anyway it's hot here in Luckyland, dry and for Mother Natures benefit..... it is Autumn ya know mum exclaim

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Jean said...

Hope you are successful with your grains for your bread.
We always make up our own grain mixture, add it to high grade bread using 1 less cup of that, replaced with a cup of bran, and find it just right for us!

Lucky-1 said...

Hi Jean:D

Yes the bread was a big hit and very moreish:)