Friday, March 07, 2008

Hot In More Ways That Just The Weather

Weather is making a stamp on the records in the way I wish it wasn't. Looking at being the longest heat wave in history. Also the hottest March on record.

The other day I posted about growing vegies and having a few chooks in the back yard to off set costs at the supermarket.

After today's announcement from our charming government I think it is going to be a must. I am a carer for my hubby Patrick. The last 2 years I have received the government's carers bonus.

I'm not going to bore you with the details of my side of caring for Pat, but know I do it out of love. Pat's Occupational Asthma is the result of years as a wielder. He was so good, an American company said if he wanted to work over there, they'd employ him no problem.

So now due to Occupational Asthma he can't handle fumes, perfumes, dust, humidity, colds and viruses can lay him flat for weeks. It's scary when he's sick and not pleasant for him.

Well talk around the country is ...... no carers bonus with the new Rudd government. Yep I got the utilities bonus, $150 for us both each quarter ...... saving the government $1100.00 a year.

I'll still be on call for setting up Pat's nebuliser day or night. Sitting at the hospital when he needs to be on oxygen to help him breath. Also keeping the house running as at times Pat can't even walk to the letter box as his Occupational Asthma won't allow him.

So now we'll need to watch our pennies closer, even give up our fortnightly lunch out on payday...... even if it is a voucher for a cheaper meal. I'll plant more vegies, watching what water I use and plant wiser to keep them going.

If we did get the bonus this year, we were going to buy a new fridge...... paid in cash.

Yep I'm pissed......

Until next time....hoo roo


Anonymous said...

Hi Lucky

I am sorry to hear about your hubby and the difficulties you will face with the Rudd proposal. As the ceo of a health & welfare agency we are pushing to ensure they don't go ahead with it. Keep our fingers crossed!

Can I suggest you approacch some of the welfare agencies over there if you have a health care card, we have a scheme here called NILS. (No Interest Loans Scheme). It allows you to submit quotes for anny white goods, they pay for the article, you then pay them back with no interest from your benefit.

If you have such a scheme there, it is NOT charity, you pay them back each fornight at around $25 if my memory serves me correct.

Look for a financial counselling service there, they should be able to direct you to NILS if you were interested


Lucky-1 said...

Thank you Molly:) I'll look into this once we know for sure what the Rudd Government decides to do.