Sunday, March 23, 2008

It's A Dusty Job.

Its a dusty job, but someone has to do it. And as it involves dust in the garden...its left to me and not Pat to do it.

This area is going to be the winter green manure area. Now I have the bird netting and poly pipe a green manure crop will be grown and not eaten.

Over the summer this part of the vegie patch wasn't used with the water restrictions, I limited what we grew. So the holiday bunny hutch was stored here on a tarp.

What I wanted to do today was move the tarp & hutch and pull those weeds up. Also start to cut back that wormwood forest that has developed in that corner of the garden.

Look at this blasted weed! Darn thing spent the summer under the tarp and it still didn't die.evil One good thing with this area the weeds pulled up easy as.

Even with the shade I was getting pretty sweaty with cutting back the wormwood and after a few boxes of cuttings taken to the compost bin, I called it quits.

I moved to another area that was on the list. I raked "Freedom Road" and made a nice old dust storm in the air. Ducks were quacking "what the!!" and hid in the duck shed. Only good thing was the breeze wasn't blowing towards the house.

Then Pat saved me raking the duck run for the time being as he started hanging the wet cream/white curtains from the kitchen window. Nothing like wet washing to bring the raking to an end.

The duck/chicken poo, feathers, animal litter collected, where is it going??

Down into this area of the garden. Where the green manure is going to be sown. No that isn't an animal grave there, the first of what could be many loads of poultry litter collected and wheel barrowed to this area.

If I was to remove it from the property, it would take weeks or a couple of months. We only have the council weekly bin pick up and what a waste this would be to send this yummy animal waste to landfill.

So I figured..... make good use of it in the garden. That wormwood is a great feather catcher and with the ducks molting, corners in the garden are holding piles of feathers. These will be collected and added to the compost bins.

With rain still forecast later in the week, I have 1 or 2 days left to get the duck run raked and the animals litter spread over the garden. If I push myself to get it done.... bet it doesn't rain.eek By the time the green manure is sown, grown and turned in.... the area will be a yummy source of food for spring planting.

So I guess you could say I played dirty today out the back..... I don't see gardening as a chore but as fun. Just the way it should be.

Until next time....hoo roo

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Kate said...

What green manure are you sowing this year? I have a few new ones to try. I can't wait for the rain. Will it ever be enought to grow a crop, I wonder!

Lucky-1 said...

Hi Kate, I use legume seeds for my green manure. Later on I'll pop a list up for you. Stay tuned.:D