Thursday, March 13, 2008

Know Your Eggs.

Seven lovely bantam eggs laid over the last week. These are from either Bonnie or Clyde my 2 silkie bantams.

These hens lay a nice size egg and I love using these in my kitchen for salads, egg wash or for egg & bacon pies.

Also great for scrambling and having with toast for breakfast. Mind you I don't like scrambled eggs....but Pat loves them.

Little chicken enjoying a feed of scrabbled eggs a few minutes ago.

But hang on!!!!! eek How come they are getting to eat cold scrambled eggs for lunch on a 40 degree day??? wink

Let me tell you why biggrin

The bantam who is laying these eggs is eating chick crumble along with the chickens. The little chickens and 2 silkie bantams are running separate from my big laying hens.

Chick crumble is full of goodies to help the chickens grow strong and healthy and to eat these eggs, its illegal. Few years back the health organization of the government brought in to eat these eggs with antibiotics in the feed mix was a no-no.

We as the eaters will adsorb the antibiotic into our system and build up a resistance to antibiotics. Making it harder for us to fight infections when we need to be treated.

So what do we do with these eggs???? Well you can eat them and turn a blind eye to the affects and say "nothing will come of it". Throw them away.... that seems a waste.

I can't feed them to my worm farms, as a friend feed her worm farm some of the left over chick crumble and it killed her whole worm farm off within days. I won't risk this happening to my 3 farms, by cooking and feeding them

So the only thing I could think of..... was to feed the eggs back to the chooks being fed the chick crumble in the first place.

Egg shells were put into the compost bin.

Good recycling in my books.

Until next time....hoo roo

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Anonymous said...

Lucky, isn't it illegal to put antibiotics in chicken food these days? It seems to defeat the objective of raising your own eggs!

Libbys Blog said...

I didn't know that! They say you learn something new everyday!
We could do with abit of your warmth, we have had gales and rain and its been pretty miserable, Roll on the Spring!!!