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More On The Expo.

After I had finished posting on my blog last night I was shattered and headed off to bed about 30 mins later. I was so tired and as my head hit the mind started racing with info and thoughts on the day that had just about come to a close. So to help me quieten down I put the bedroom TV on...... viewing was so bad last night with all the sports and the movies that weren't my kind.... I was soon put to sleep with just plain boredom.

Today's posting I want to show you the layout of the expo, as I have had people contact me about how the set up was and if it was over crowed at all.

For me the area inside the Jubilee Building was spot on. Not over crowed and the stalls presenting their gardening ideas weren't crowed together. Lots of space and areas for looking and also inside and out, there were spots for a hot cuppa and some food.

I'm kicking myself for not taking a photo to show you of the flower/plant displays. These were stunning and huge too. Now don't forget I went on a Friday, when all you working folks were slogging it out hard at your jobs. What today and tomorrow is going to be like, I have no idea.

If you didn't manage to score a seat, there was plenty of standing room behind the seats.

I have popped this photo here special for a lovely lady called Bubba Louie. Bubba loves Bromeliads and this display was the best I have ever seen. I can understand why Bubba loves these so much.

Theater Stage, where the main shows the presenters used. Lots of chairs and also at the back were a couple of stands for people to sit on. When Peter Cundall was speaking..... standing room only. Deb & I were in the front seats, for when Josh Byrne presented his talk on gardening in small areas. For Peter's talk it was a few seats back.

I was showing and talking to people (comes easy for me) and saying how I had the photo of Josh and had met him earlier in the morning. When Josh came on stage and said hello, he gave me a smile and people behind me... started poking at my back.... as if to say.... did you see him smile at you???

Oh I am getting excited again.... next picture...thank you lol

Peter signing my book that I bought years ago, that he wrote. So many people were standing in line with their spanking new "The Practical Australian Gardener" and I was there with my older version and not as flash looking. I got to shake Peter's hand and say how I use his gardening practices in my vegie patch. Also to wish him well with his semi retirement. he's very passionate about the pulp mill down in Tassie..... some how I don't think he's going to slip away into his garden mrgreen

Only photo that shows you the actual size of the vegie plots in Peter's vegie patch. These are the same size as the ones down in the Hobart Botanical Gardens. Peter explained how he uses all the areas in each plot to get a bumper crop. Tonight on the show we'll see his huge potato harvest that was filmed back at the end of January.

Sophie Thomson talked about the bugs in our gardens. It was a real eye opener on how when and if you go out and squash the aphids with your fingers, you will be squashing the good bugs that feed off them. Some of these good bugs are so small, you wont see them with your naked eye.

She helped us to recognize Lady Bug larvae and their eggs on the leaves. To know the colour and what a mummified aphid with a good bug feeding on the insides of an aphid. My sister Deb thought these were a bad bug and was squashing them. redface Didn't she feel guilty after hearing this.

So out you go with your fingers to squish, sprays or hose to wash them off........ Sophie said to leave the aphids alone and let the good bugs over a period of about 14 days do the work for you. If the plant is healthy, it'll survive the attack.

Earwigs eat bad bugs..... I didn't know this one. I knew they liked garden waste and compost, but this I found very interesting.

In my garden I don't spray with poisons or organic sprays.... I do use a solution of milk & water for powdery mildew (Sophie covered this in her talk as well). I let the predators to the hard slog for me.

My vegie patch has a good balance of how it is working, after 9 years I wouldn't expect anything less.

Sophie spoke about any spray including organic sprays can and will also kill the good bugs, bees and such in the garden. Unless otherwise stated. She suggested to look further into what you are going to spray out in your garden, see if its just going to affect the bad bug you are aiming to remove....or will the result be more like an domino affect.

Seasole and Charlie Carp are a plants best friend. They help to strengthen the stems and walls of the plants, helping to stop those pesky sap suckers from feeding off your beautiful plants.

Gosh I could go on for ages more........

If you get a chance go to the Expo if it's coming to your area.

To quote a Gardening God in my eyes

It's your Bloomin' lot mrgreen

Until next time....hoo roo.

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