Wednesday, March 05, 2008

My Thoughts On The Future.

I heard on the radio this morning, fuel predictions of over $3.00 a litre in the next decade. With the cost of fuel, housing, food and everyday living expenses, things are going to get tougher before they become better.

But I believe there are ways we can help to ease the cost from day to day. By growing even the basic vegies or salad greens in your backyard will go along way.

Even if grown in foam broccoli boxes,

  • loose leaf lettuces, for continual picking
  • spring onions,
  • silver beet
  • tomatoes
  • cucumbers
are a few that can easily be grown in containers. Not only will this cut down the cost at the supermarkets or green grocer, it'll be healthier for you if grow organically.

Or even a small area in your garden for vegies will be a bonus for the kitchen.

Houses today are build big, on a small block of land, this can be overcome when growing food. In a rented house before we bought our own home, I grew tomatoes and leafy greens in big pots. The yard was so small and was all lawn. But this didn't stop me.

I believe this will become even more popular in the months and years ahead. To off set the cost of living, people will resort back to growing their own vegies and fruits in their backyard. There are now so many places where heirloom seeds are available for sale. These varieties tend to crop over a long period, rather than the whole harvest ripen the same time.

Most times of the year I don't even go to the bread or vegie area of the shops. Though I do buy some vegies out of growing season that aren't in my vegie patch. Also fruits that I can't grow or not growing yet in my backyard. This will change as we are looking at increasing our fruit trees.

Also a big benefit is a couple of chickens for fresh home laid eggs for the kitchen. I have had chooks 9 years and in this time I haven't needed to buy eggs at all. There is always a meal in the fridge. This is even better when cash strapped leading up to payday.

Silky bantams are popular for a backyard and not so damaging in the garden. Also I am a big fan of Light Sussex bantams.

Chickens also will clean up any kitchen scraps and if you have children.... they'll love to collect the eggs. So grain or pellets for the chickens will be small compared to the prices of eggs to buy.

Not everyone strives to have everything instantly in a week that should in theory take years. But the effect has a domino affect, everyone is touched by this instant need. Through interest rates and the $$$$s owned on credit cards.

So by thinking of going back to the basics of our grand parents and their parents...... we can easy that pain in our own little space in this crazy but beautiful world we live in.

These are my thoughts.

Until next time....hoo roo

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Libbys Blog said...

Mine too! But sadly people have a 'I want it now' attitude. Or they don't want to get there hands dirty! They use tumble dryers to speed up the washing and drying process so they can sit infront of the TV and 'switch off'!
I'm sorry to say but I think people like you and I are in the minority!!!

Lucky-1 said...

I have never had a tumble dryer in 25 years I have been married. I have no interest in having one in the future either.