Friday, March 28, 2008

No Gardening Here.

Been flat out here this week and so not much in the way of gardening for me.

Twice a week Pat & I go to the other side of the city for some lectures and a gym session to do with respiratory diseases. So we loose all morning and a good chunk of the afternoons on Monday & Wednesday. This will finish the end of April.

So I get to hang out with all the gym junkies and drool over them. Shame they are all 70 plus years of age except Pat, he's the youngest. I think its great these younger members of our society are willing to get into the swing of looking after themselves.

Pat is enjoying it so much, we are going to turn James' bedroom into a gym for not only Pat but also me, Amy & James when he comes visiting to use.

Then yesterday I had a filling in a wisdom tooth and the tooth next to it pulled out. So my mouth is very sore and while cleaning today if I bent over... my mouth throbbed.

Be back out in the garden in the next few days. Weather is made for gardening.

Oh yes while I think of it, we ended up with 5.75 mm of rain for this week.

Until next time....hoo roo


Libbys Blog said...

Sorry to hear about your dental work. But excellent news re- the rain!!!

Lucky-1 said...

I am lucky I have no pain before I go to the dentist..... 100% chicken sook to pain...LOL

Yes the small rain falls have been lovely. Could do with heaps more though.