Friday, March 21, 2008

Now The Cool Weather Is Here.

Now that Mother Nature is finished busting and making new records here in Adelaide, the assault on the vegies garden has started.

Already this morning I have tidied up the capsicum plants and removed all sun burnt damaged fruits and either cut the affected bits off, fed the best bits to my bunnies and the scraps to the chooks. Then I told my plants how brave they were standing out there for over 2 weeks in 35 to 40 degree heat and not carking it.

I didn't want to say anything before the heat wave finished, but we lost no animals.

I gave the plants a good drink of some worm wee and rain water. Noticed the rain water tank is getting low and so a good rain wouldn't go astray here.

Also harvested 3 cucumbers for the kitchen and noticed there is still more fruits coming. Did a general tidy up round the place and just enjoyed the beauty of the cooler day.

Might have some marks that the stupidmarkets would refuse to sell. But it's fresh, organic and just has that taste you can't buy.

Pulled the hoe through the area where the spring onions had germinated and baked within a week. That is now going to be carrots and beetroot, area had a light sprinkle of rain water and later today I'll sow those seeds. Moving the spring onions up near where the garlic will be grown this year.

So finally its all happening in Luckyland. I'm not using the moon phase planting this time round..... I'm hungry to get things rolling and I just have to see my little vegie patch producing more food. Costing heaps at the green grocer with not having the vegie patch producing.

Oh yeah while on the green grocer..... yesterday I took a batch of home made hot cross buns, straight from the oven down to them. It was my way of saying thank you for all the free greens I get for my feathery and furry kids.

So finally I can talk seeds, seedlings, plants and food....not about heatwave they said only comes once every 3000 years. Tell you something, I'm not hanging round for the next 3000 year heatwave. lol

Until next time...hoo roo

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