Saturday, March 08, 2008

Preparing For Winter Crops.

Back before I knew the heatwave was coming, I prepared an area in my no-dig garden for the up coming brassicas for winter eating.

Weather on the day was just stunning and it was just fantastic to be able to spend hours and not minutes in the vegie patch.

After picking out the area I wanted to plant the crops in, it was time to think about how I was going to boost the soil for this area. I believe that if the soil is fed, it'll in return feed the plants. So first port of call was the chook pen, for some yummy soil laced with chook manure.

Collected 2 wheel barrow loads of soil from their run. As I didn't want the hens mixing with the chickens, I had to be careful shoveling the soil with a shovel. Peaches one of my chooks was happy to try and see what yummies could be found on my shovel. Why chooks seemed to think the soil was any better in the shovel I have no idea. So it took longer having to continually move Peaches away from where I was scraping up the top layers of soil.

Nothing like a chook run with the top soil scraped away. Radar and his wives were having a good scratch round after I had finished.

Spread out over the tired area and then on top of this went 2 wheel barrows of compost from my tumbler.

All finished and before the straw was spread over the top, I watered it, to keep it moist and to help start it breaking down.

Now the heat is here and I am waiting for a window in the weather to get seedlings planted out and bird netting over the top.

Until next time....hoo roo

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