Saturday, March 08, 2008

Scratching Each Other's Back

With having the poultry its great when I can get free food for them. Getting down the the local shops this morning, we were able to collect free bread rolls and free greens.

With the bread rolls, in return I take in fresh organic vegies from our garden. If I wasn't collecting these bread rolls, they would be thrown out. So I collect them and keep them in our freezer and feed a few rolls to the chooks & ducks each day. Poultry love the bread rolls at the bottom of their scrap bucket with the day's kitchen juice poured over the top.

With a mixed balanced diet the bread shouldn't be over fed to the poultry.

My local green grocer is just a one stop shopping place for my little feathery gang. I am allowed to go out the back and get the greens myself. To say thank you to them all for allowing me to raid their scrap bins, once this hot weather is gone...... I'm going to cook them a boiled fruit cake to say thank you. No good taking in fresh organic vegies for them. So I thought a cake would be the next best thing.

I can't just keep going into them and taking without giving something back besides a "Thank You" each time I collect greens. So by giving them a cake, I will be showing them how grateful I am for those lovely fresh greens.

Supermarkets used to give away boxes of green once. Now their policy is not to give the greens away. So finding a green grocer who is happy to do this is a great find.

Until next time....hoo roo

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