Monday, March 10, 2008

Still Hot

Still hot here and another week of it, before any relief will arrive. eek

Rebel & Harley are taking full advantage of the a/c and the futon made into our bed. While those 2 are comfy as and relaxed while cool.

I am keeping an eye on the outside animals with ice bricks for the rabbits to lay against. Fresh cool water for the ducks and chooks.

Garden is going okay, though I have about lost all the spring onions to the heat. They had only just germinated too. So I have made the decision to let these few die as well and save the water for the older plants producing food for us. I'll sow more seeds once this heat wave is gone.

Pat & I are getting house happy and wishing for a day outside in the fresh air. We are giving his "Stargate" DVD box sets a hiding and we are up to series 3 at the moment. While keeping cool inside I have been knitting to stay sane and have finished Pa's socks for his 86th birthday.

So until this heatwave moves away from us, it's pretty well stay inside where its cool and only venture out to the shops when needed.

This is the upcoming days forecast.

Forecast for Monday
Dry and mostly sunny. A very hot day but becoming slightly milder about the
coast during the afternoon and inland during the evening. Light to moderate
northeast to northwest winds ahead of a moderate southwest to south wind shift
developing near southern coasts late morning then slowly extending northwards
during the afternoon. Moderate to fresh south to southeast winds in the evening.

Precis Dry. Mostly sunny.
City: Max 39
Elizabeth: Max 39
Mount Barker: Max 38
Noarlunga: Max 36

UV Index: 7 [High] UV Alert from 10:30 to 16:20
Fire Danger: Extreme (Mount Lofty Ranges Fire Ban District)

Tuesday Dry. Mostly sunny. Min 18 Max 34
Wednesday Dry. Mostly sunny. Min 20 Max 36
Thursday Dry. Mostly sunny. Min 22 Max 37
Friday Dry. Mostly sunny. Min 28 Max 39
Saturday Dry. Sunny. Min 23 Max 38
Sunday Dry. Sunny. Min 22 Max 38

So if your being affected by this heatwave.....try and stay cool and good luck with your gardens.

Until next time....hoo roo

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melissa said...

Oi...thats hot ..we have been blessed with cool weather ..the last 3 days are the only hot ones we've had ...i knew march would have a kick in the teeth for us ...rain is forecast here over easter ?? maybe you too ?,
I havent planted any thing ..been tempted but have not buckled ....mind you the garden is trashed and exhausted ...

Lucky-1 said...

Trying to stay sane...... roll on winter.