Monday, March 03, 2008

Storing Worm Wee

Kez, I did a search on the web and only found 1 write up about it. They said that there is no real knowledge of how long worm wee will last.

This link will explain what they have written. Hope this is a help.

I do know that the worm wee that home farmers collect can be of different strengths, depending on the colour as it comes out of the taps.

Also to pour lots of water through the castings while in the farm still, is a no-no...... this will leaves a not so happy environment for the worms as its being washed away.

My worm wee is collected over weeks.... not days.

The best results for using "worm wee" as we know it... is to mix a couple of handful of castings in a bucket and water the plants.

I use my worm wee that I do collect over a couple weeks...... once again depending on the amount of vegies I have growing.

I hope this helps you out Kez biggrin

Until next time....hoo roo

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Kez said...

Thanks heaps!

Lucky-1 said...

Hope it helps you out Kez:)