Monday, March 03, 2008

This And That #3

Wasn't sure if I should post this in the title "Oprah Is A Mum"..... didn't want the rumor mill in Hollywood working over time. rolleyes So figured a low profile was the way to go. Yes my little single black chick is a mum at last.

These 2 hatched out yesterday and there was another egg pipping (I could hear sounds inside, but no cracks in the shell) But this morning still only 2 chickens. These 2 little Light Sussex Bantams are just so tiny compared to the 3 little road runners out in "Freedom Road".

When I took this photo, Oprah wanted to get back in with the eggs, but the chicks couldn't. She was so good and didn't attack my hand when I collected the little fluff bums and popped them back in the nest.

If the eggs haven't hatched by tomorrow I'll remove them and the nest box, so it's easier for the little family. Until then, I'll keep an eye on them.

I am guessing this will be the last little clutch of babies until Spring.

What's a mum meant to do with this kid???? This little chicken was dust bathing in a pot of soil I use to keep the shed door open. Starting to warm up here again and I have been emptying Oprah's water into the pot. Just the most perfect place for a damp dirt/mud bath.

Our good "gardening buddy Pepper" asked me the other day if I had seen any bees hanging round the garlic chive flowers. So I was out snapping away and scored this photo. I am using the photo as my desk top picture. Just stoked with the results.

I've been pottering round in my little vegie patch, getting ready for the winter crops. I have pretty well worked out where I am planting what. The area for green manure this winter has been decided and raked the "Freedom Road" area again. Mixed more compost and let Pat know tomorrow or Wednesday, we'll be going to some horse stables and I'm going to be shoveling free stable manure for composting.

Found some more arum lilies I can harvest their leaves for compost making. This keeps the plants under control in the shade house area. With not watering the lawns, green waste is low on supply.

Sold some eggs today and collected bread rolls, greens and a couple of bags of aged lettuce for the animals. In return I will take down some fresh capsicums and when healthier, I'll make the cake for the green grocer to say thanks.

Yep I have picked up Pat's bug and have a raspy croaky voice and feel very tired for it. Was meant to go to the dentist this afternoon, canceled that and also blood bank for tomorrow. Hoping its a short bug and goes quickly.

Until next time....hoo roo

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