Saturday, March 22, 2008


My worms I am sure are breathing a sigh of relief with the cooler weather. Very pleased to see the farms are still full of worms from babies to adults.

Each day I take out the collected scraps from the kitchen and place them in the big white bucket I keep with the farms. Using a shovel I chop the food scraps up smaller and once happy with the size of the pieces, into 1 of the 3 farms it goes.

I have a good routine and keep a small claw trowel on the farm that needs to be fed on that day.

Happy worms about to be fed. I am just so pleased with the fact I didn't loose them in the heat. These worms can be traced back to the summer of 1999 when I bought them after cooking my first farm that summer.

Spending time each day out in the garden now its cooler. Very pumped with the cooler days and the fact I can actually get out into my garden.

Today I cleaned the bunny hutches out and their sawdust bedding was used for new paths in the garden. Didn't get to rake the duck run & Freedom Road, but tomorrow is another day.

This area now has 2 rows of carrots & 1 row of beetroot sown to the left of the tomato stake. On the right of the stake is silverbeet seeds. Then a patch of sawdust to mark the path and a gap before I start sowing more seeds this coming week.

I'm feeling a lot happier with the vegie patch now I can see things happening in the backyard. Much more settled as I love to get out the back and play, loosing time in a productive way.

Until next time....hoo roo

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boondoggle13 said...

I have been thinking about getting a worm farm, but was worried that the heat would kill them (I live in Adelaide too) what did you do to help them through the hot weather?


Lucky-1 said...

My farms are under the carport, so they don't get that afternoon sun on them. I put thick wet newspaper on the top of their food and this seems to help keep them cooler. Also in the afternoon I'll pour a small amount of tap water over the farm to help cool it down if needed.

I think its the sun that can help cook a worm farm.... so shade is a must:)

boondoggle13 said...

Thanks for that advice, I have just the spot for them, outside the laundry door and it is on the south side of the house, so will be out of the afternoon sun.