Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Environmental Pluses

Here in Luckyland we are always trying to do better at leaving a smaller footprint on this beautiful planet.

But firstly some FAB TAB news. We have had some wonderful rain, 30 mm in the last few days.

Never get tired of sticking the camera out the door and snap away some photos of rain falling on my little vegie patch.

I'm calling this my 4 wheel drive. Yeah I know it's only got 2 wheels, but its still only new and I'm sure it'll find the other 2 wheels someday while out on the road.

Been wanting one of these for ages, how great is it???? Now we can buy more in our trips to the shops and not need to use the car. What a great present for the planet.

With having 4 stupidmarkets within 2 km of our house in 3 different directions, we can now walk to them in the same day and not carry food home in back packs.

Used it twice yesterday and it just followed us home. With the price of fuel getting higher what seems each week, we are saving money while helping reduce emissions.

Until next time....hoo roo

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Friday, April 25, 2008

Free Compost Materials

Nothing like free composting materials from the garden. Collected and turned in soil food...So wonderful for the environment and the human soul.

Freedom Road before I took the garden rake and wheel barrow in there. Feathers are everywhere from the ducks molting, due to the wild birds aren't nesting at this time of the year. Later on after winter...won't be a feather in sight.

Much more tidier, bottles were collected in the grain feed bag and stored away in the shed. The big black pot is now ready for the next load of recyclable cans & bottles. Baby duck pond was put away in the shed as well. So many ducks at one stage, needed heaps of drink dishes. Poly pipe was put back where it's meant to be.

Composting area is often the messiest place as I tend to feed the bantams their scraps in this area. Pat put a tarp up over the roof of the hen house a week or so back, hence the wood still sitting there.

Much tidier now, scrap wood removed and in the bin. Out of this area and Freedom Road, 1 wheel barrow of composting material.

To rake the other 2 areas, seemed silly not to include the duck yard. Two wheel barrows were collected from this area. Ranging from dry lawn cuttings, feathers, green waste from the green grocer & the kitchen scrap bucket that has dried up.

All sitting there laced with duck & chicken manure, waiting for the promised rain. Once its lovely and wet, I'll spread it round and cover with straw. Then in a few weeks I'll sow seeds for a green manure crop.

No way was I going to waste this free soil fertilizer, by sending it to landfill.

Until next time....hoo roo

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Lest We Forget

Once a year we bring out Pat's grandfather's WW1 medals, photos of him in his uniform and the postcards he sent back to Pat's grandmother.

Pat's grandfather was in the second wave at Gallipoli. He also fought in France. Grandpa never talked about his time in Gallipoli and from footage we see in the safety of our lounge room, we can understand why.

The post cards below are made of lace and embroidery. The first one is the most damaged and was given to us in this condition. I left them a good size , so if you want to have a better look, click on them.

Reading what Grandpa wrote to Grandma is like looking into something so personal between two people who loved each other.

We often wonder where Grandpa was when he wrote to his wife. Was he in a village, a tent or what. What did he experience that day and was he going into battle after the postcard was mailed.

The photo of Grandpa in his uniform speaks volumes. We are one of the lucky families.... Grandpa came home and we have a photo of him, aged in his 80's before he died......

For those who went to battle and gave their lives, to have the freedom we have today........

Thank you.

Lest We Forget.

Thursday, April 24, 2008

Ssshhh Babies Growing

Lots of babies out in the garden.........

Bloomsdale Spinach


Loose leaf lettuce



The beetroot and silverbeet were eaten by the bird.......mad I need to invest in more bird netting.

Until next time....hoo roo

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Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Parsley & Chives

Its been just over a week since I last posted here. I have been busy with Pat who had a virus and has now kindly passed it onto me. So today I am making an effort to get out and plant the parsley, as we have a few wet days forecast.

So I am hoping the weather report is correct, as we really need rain here in South Australia.

While looking at the area I wanted to plant them out, I noticed the chives needed lifting. I did start to pull out the lawn runners, but it was easier to lift the chives and move them. Must easier to separate them standing up and not leaning over with my head pounding.

This little punnet of parsley has 4 little seedlings in the pot. Along with some chives I gave them a good drink in the bird bath. Tennis balls will help over the winter months when the water freezes. It'll stop the ice pressure cracking the cement bird bath.

This area will hold 3 small clumps of chives and 2 parsley plants. I have lined the area with worm castings and given the area a good drink.

Chives all planted out, cut back to help them get over the pulling and tugging and the transplanting of the 3 clumps.

These 2 parsley seedlings along with the chives have the worm castings.....

These 2 don't have worm castings. Main reason I have done this is to see if the seedlings will show any differance in growing. All seedlings are planted in the same area in the garden.

I love to use my worm castings and worm wee in my vegie patch...... just curious to see if there is much differance......

Until next time....hoo roo

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Sunday, April 13, 2008

Garlic & Seeds

We've had enough rain to moisten the soil to a comfortable level that I spent this morning out in my vegie patch. Rainwater tank is over flowing and so I have taken a deep breath and decided to sow seeds and garlic. After that heatwave and lack of rain....I'm a bit gun shy about planting out anything. But now I am confident enough that what so sow, won't either die or not germinate.

So lets take a look at today's playing out in the garden.

Forty fat & fabulous cloves of my own garlic. I've been growing garlic close on 9 years now and each year I am able to increase my crop. I think 40 cloves a year is enough for the following crop, kitchen and the chook's mash.

I am boasting about my garlic as those cloves are huge compared to what you buy at the shops. I think its due to the wonderful soil they grow in and the fact the cloves are used to the soil growing conditions.

This is what is left after I collected this season's crop and the fact I have been using the garlic already in the kitchen.

I have a problem though with the garlic, our Grandkitty.....Milly loves garlic to play with. She will raid the vegie rack to see what is in them, to play with. I was told garlic isn't good for cats, so what do I do with all the left over garlic??

Put it in an onion bag and hang it from the ceiling in the kitchen.

Back outside in the garden now.......

This is the area I played in today...... nice an moist and very crumbly, with rotting sheep manure and old compost in it. The sawdust to the left is my path while I have food growing each side.

Hey doesn't that garlic look FAB TAB there???? All 40 cloves ready to be covered and start to grow me some more bulbs for Summer harvesting.

All done now, garlic in the foreground, to the right is spring onions from my own seed saving. Then loose leaf lettuce, Bloomsdale spinach and rocket sown in the 3 other squares.

Next came the poly pipe and with Pat's help and a couple of ideas from him..........the bird netting.

Bird netting was a pain in the bum to cover, lost count of how many times we put it on and took it off, as it wouldn't fit. At one stage I walked away from it....I couldn't believe after all the fun I had this morning, the poxy bird netting wasn't working right.

All finished.... we used both bird nettings over the area. That'll fix those pesky birds and keep them out of my little seedlings when they happen. mrgreen

Until next time....hoo roo

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Friday, April 11, 2008

It's Raining

Steady rain, straight down and no wind. Water can be heard flowing into the rainwater tank. Just measured 2.75 mm in our rain gauge.

Everywhere outside flying ants are doing their thing in the rain.

Cocky was yelling for an almond while we were outside listening to hear if rain was flowing into the tank.

We're very happy to see some rain, even this small soaking amount.

If it's raining at your place...enjoy mrgreen

Until next time....hoo roo

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Duck News

I realized this morning while out feeding the gang.... I hadn't told you about all the ducklings and what has happen with them all.

Well about a week ago I took them all out to my local grain/poultry place and did a trade..... 9 ducks for 5 kilo of bird seed for Cocky.

Maybe not a good trade with all the feed the ducklings would have eaten over the last 3 months, but its better than culling them. So I chased them down, putting my keepers over the "Border Gate"I had closed.

Pat tied the boxes up and carried the wriggling boxes to the car..... getting pooped on by one unhappy box....... lol Me.... I just got dusty from all the flapping wings. mrgreen

One decision I made was to remove Twinner from the flock..... having 5 kids sent her round the bend..... if they left her side...she quacked and quacked and quacked.........

She quacked in the morning, at breakfast time, lunch time, afternoon, tea time, evening and I bet if I was awake at night....she'd be quacking then too. Twinner would even call the babies away from their kitchen scraps..... so on behalf of my ear and everyone else's......Twinner was swapped for a few grains of seed. It wasn't a choice that came lightly.......

But we did keep 1 duck.... a little chocolate coloured duck and I have called her "Ferrero Rocher" after my most fav chocolate. Rocher is going through by the look her last molt. So in a way I still have Twinner in my little feathery gang.

Yesterday I cleaned out the hen house and duck shed. Poultry litter was either composted or put into the garden in an area, where the green manure is going this winter. Also in part of the no-dig area.

Today its raining..... a little bit and we have a quote of 5 mm from the weather people, so I am hoping this will happen after all the fun I had yesterday.

Until next time....hoo roo

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Thursday, April 10, 2008

My Chilli Plant

I am not sure what is happening to my Birds Eye chilli plant. I haven't any chilies on it this season. Usually by now I am in the thick of a harvest.

But nothing is happening....until now.......

I have had flower buds but no flowers. This I have put down to that heatwave to a certain extent. Maybe the drought as well, though I have been watering it.

But finally I have buds opening and here is the first flower I have seen.

This is what the bush looks like and to me its lovely and healthy. Flowers are starting to open and hopefully I am not too late for a chilli harvest. Guess time will tell.

Until next time....hoo roo

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