Friday, April 11, 2008

Duck News

I realized this morning while out feeding the gang.... I hadn't told you about all the ducklings and what has happen with them all.

Well about a week ago I took them all out to my local grain/poultry place and did a trade..... 9 ducks for 5 kilo of bird seed for Cocky.

Maybe not a good trade with all the feed the ducklings would have eaten over the last 3 months, but its better than culling them. So I chased them down, putting my keepers over the "Border Gate"I had closed.

Pat tied the boxes up and carried the wriggling boxes to the car..... getting pooped on by one unhappy box....... lol Me.... I just got dusty from all the flapping wings. mrgreen

One decision I made was to remove Twinner from the flock..... having 5 kids sent her round the bend..... if they left her side...she quacked and quacked and quacked.........

She quacked in the morning, at breakfast time, lunch time, afternoon, tea time, evening and I bet if I was awake at night....she'd be quacking then too. Twinner would even call the babies away from their kitchen scraps..... so on behalf of my ear and everyone else's......Twinner was swapped for a few grains of seed. It wasn't a choice that came lightly.......

But we did keep 1 duck.... a little chocolate coloured duck and I have called her "Ferrero Rocher" after my most fav chocolate. Rocher is going through by the look her last molt. So in a way I still have Twinner in my little feathery gang.

Yesterday I cleaned out the hen house and duck shed. Poultry litter was either composted or put into the garden in an area, where the green manure is going this winter. Also in part of the no-dig area.

Today its raining..... a little bit and we have a quote of 5 mm from the weather people, so I am hoping this will happen after all the fun I had yesterday.

Until next time....hoo roo

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