Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Environmental Pluses

Here in Luckyland we are always trying to do better at leaving a smaller footprint on this beautiful planet.

But firstly some FAB TAB news. We have had some wonderful rain, 30 mm in the last few days.

Never get tired of sticking the camera out the door and snap away some photos of rain falling on my little vegie patch.

I'm calling this my 4 wheel drive. Yeah I know it's only got 2 wheels, but its still only new and I'm sure it'll find the other 2 wheels someday while out on the road.

Been wanting one of these for ages, how great is it???? Now we can buy more in our trips to the shops and not need to use the car. What a great present for the planet.

With having 4 stupidmarkets within 2 km of our house in 3 different directions, we can now walk to them in the same day and not carry food home in back packs.

Used it twice yesterday and it just followed us home. With the price of fuel getting higher what seems each week, we are saving money while helping reduce emissions.

Until next time....hoo roo

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Libbys Blog said...

Good for you. That will save the shoulders and arms!!!
Sadly I always have to drive as we live to far away from anything, although I think I might try home delievery, where you shop online then pay to get it delivered!!!!

Lucky-1 said...

My SIL has used this form of shopping over the internet. She put down 1 for tomatoes and only got 1 instead of a kilo like she wanted....LOL