Friday, April 25, 2008

Free Compost Materials

Nothing like free composting materials from the garden. Collected and turned in soil food...So wonderful for the environment and the human soul.

Freedom Road before I took the garden rake and wheel barrow in there. Feathers are everywhere from the ducks molting, due to the wild birds aren't nesting at this time of the year. Later on after winter...won't be a feather in sight.

Much more tidier, bottles were collected in the grain feed bag and stored away in the shed. The big black pot is now ready for the next load of recyclable cans & bottles. Baby duck pond was put away in the shed as well. So many ducks at one stage, needed heaps of drink dishes. Poly pipe was put back where it's meant to be.

Composting area is often the messiest place as I tend to feed the bantams their scraps in this area. Pat put a tarp up over the roof of the hen house a week or so back, hence the wood still sitting there.

Much tidier now, scrap wood removed and in the bin. Out of this area and Freedom Road, 1 wheel barrow of composting material.

To rake the other 2 areas, seemed silly not to include the duck yard. Two wheel barrows were collected from this area. Ranging from dry lawn cuttings, feathers, green waste from the green grocer & the kitchen scrap bucket that has dried up.

All sitting there laced with duck & chicken manure, waiting for the promised rain. Once its lovely and wet, I'll spread it round and cover with straw. Then in a few weeks I'll sow seeds for a green manure crop.

No way was I going to waste this free soil fertilizer, by sending it to landfill.

Until next time....hoo roo

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Libbys Blog said...

I really must sort out my compost, its not the best in the world and it is something I 'should try harder' with!!!

Anonymous said...

Way to go Lucky. Add some shredded paper to your chook house and you will double the compost goodies in no time, it rots down very quickly.

Blessings :)

Lucky-1 said...

HI Molly,
I use the shredded paper in the nest boxes and the chooks love scratching round in it.

Libby I love the thought of making free compost from the backyard and kitchen waste.