Sunday, April 13, 2008

Garlic & Seeds

We've had enough rain to moisten the soil to a comfortable level that I spent this morning out in my vegie patch. Rainwater tank is over flowing and so I have taken a deep breath and decided to sow seeds and garlic. After that heatwave and lack of rain....I'm a bit gun shy about planting out anything. But now I am confident enough that what so sow, won't either die or not germinate.

So lets take a look at today's playing out in the garden.

Forty fat & fabulous cloves of my own garlic. I've been growing garlic close on 9 years now and each year I am able to increase my crop. I think 40 cloves a year is enough for the following crop, kitchen and the chook's mash.

I am boasting about my garlic as those cloves are huge compared to what you buy at the shops. I think its due to the wonderful soil they grow in and the fact the cloves are used to the soil growing conditions.

This is what is left after I collected this season's crop and the fact I have been using the garlic already in the kitchen.

I have a problem though with the garlic, our Grandkitty.....Milly loves garlic to play with. She will raid the vegie rack to see what is in them, to play with. I was told garlic isn't good for cats, so what do I do with all the left over garlic??

Put it in an onion bag and hang it from the ceiling in the kitchen.

Back outside in the garden now.......

This is the area I played in today...... nice an moist and very crumbly, with rotting sheep manure and old compost in it. The sawdust to the left is my path while I have food growing each side.

Hey doesn't that garlic look FAB TAB there???? All 40 cloves ready to be covered and start to grow me some more bulbs for Summer harvesting.

All done now, garlic in the foreground, to the right is spring onions from my own seed saving. Then loose leaf lettuce, Bloomsdale spinach and rocket sown in the 3 other squares.

Next came the poly pipe and with Pat's help and a couple of ideas from him..........the bird netting.

Bird netting was a pain in the bum to cover, lost count of how many times we put it on and took it off, as it wouldn't fit. At one stage I walked away from it....I couldn't believe after all the fun I had this morning, the poxy bird netting wasn't working right.

All finished.... we used both bird nettings over the area. That'll fix those pesky birds and keep them out of my little seedlings when they happen. mrgreen

Until next time....hoo roo

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Libbys Blog said...

It seems to be extremes of weather nowadays. It wonderfull when the water butts fill up again, scary how quicly they empty. In the perfect world we would have sunshine everyday and rain every night!!!!!!!!!!!!!