Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Parsley & Chives

Its been just over a week since I last posted here. I have been busy with Pat who had a virus and has now kindly passed it onto me. So today I am making an effort to get out and plant the parsley, as we have a few wet days forecast.

So I am hoping the weather report is correct, as we really need rain here in South Australia.

While looking at the area I wanted to plant them out, I noticed the chives needed lifting. I did start to pull out the lawn runners, but it was easier to lift the chives and move them. Must easier to separate them standing up and not leaning over with my head pounding.

This little punnet of parsley has 4 little seedlings in the pot. Along with some chives I gave them a good drink in the bird bath. Tennis balls will help over the winter months when the water freezes. It'll stop the ice pressure cracking the cement bird bath.

This area will hold 3 small clumps of chives and 2 parsley plants. I have lined the area with worm castings and given the area a good drink.

Chives all planted out, cut back to help them get over the pulling and tugging and the transplanting of the 3 clumps.

These 2 parsley seedlings along with the chives have the worm castings.....

These 2 don't have worm castings. Main reason I have done this is to see if the seedlings will show any differance in growing. All seedlings are planted in the same area in the garden.

I love to use my worm castings and worm wee in my vegie patch...... just curious to see if there is much differance......

Until next time....hoo roo

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Jean said...

Love your idea of the tennis balls in the bird bath, last year we gor cracks in ours with the frost, and have just got around to buying some silicone glue to mend it, and with winter coming again will try your idea.
Love your blog

Lucky-1 said...

HI Jean..... yes we learnt about the tennis balls...after a frost that cracked our bird bath as well.

Glad you love my blog.