Wednesday, May 28, 2008

BBQ In Luckyland

After months of waiting Happy Potter finally called in at Luckyland, all the way from Melbourne. While visiting family here, they called out to see us and to collect an Aran cardigan I had knitted Happy Potter.

So we had a BBQ and the most perfect BBQ weather was put on just for our day. Both Pat & I were looking forward to finally meeting Happy Potter and her hubby.

It was a bonus day as Pomolo is visiting family for a couple of weeks. So there was a chance for a good gardening forum get together.

So there was Pat, myself, Happy Potter, Joe (Happy Potter's hubby), Pomolo and our good gardening buddy Pepe. Who brought me some yummy herbs for the kitchen and some celery seedlings for the garden.

Pat & Pepe cooking the BBQ. Nothing like smelling a neighbour's BBQ cooking, as you walk up the street. mrgreen

Happy Potter and Joe.

Happy Potter, me and Veg Gardener.

Veg Gardener eating his lunch. wink He couldn't come for a few reasons, like he's 16 and has school exams. Not only that he lives interstate lol So we had a stand in ringer representing him.

While eating we chatted about gardening, family and how good the weather was.

We gave each other, chilli jam, garlic cloves, seeds, worm wee, seedlings and that famous cardigan.

What a FABBER TABBER day it was here in Luckyland. Gardeners make great mates.

Check out Happy Potter wearing her cardigan.

Until next time....hoo roo

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