Friday, May 23, 2008

I've Been Tagged.

Molly has tagged me here as well on "Garden to Plate", so before I cook our evening meal..I'll do these.

Here is the deal: you pick up the nearest book set in a foreign country and then . . .
1) Open to page 123
2) Find the fifth sentence.
3) Post the next three sentences.
4) Tag five people and acknowledge who tagged you.

So here we go....

"Have I met your husband?"
"Yes. That clod."
Orry inclined his head towards one of the LaMottes.

That is from John Jakes' "North & South". I love westerns and reading stories set in the old west or civil war times. So when I'm not reading gardening magazines or gardening books... I read these sort of books or crime novels. After I finish these 3 books in the series, I'll move onto "Lonesome Dove" and after that "Gone with the wind"

So now I need to tag 5 people with blogs..hhhmmm.....think I'll do 2 as well. So many blogs I visit are "tag free" places.

Kirsty as she always makes me laugh with her animals...also she has 2 pet sheep.

Jean she is over in New Zealand and I love reading about how and what she does in her garden.

Hope you join in on the spirit and fun of this tag.

Until next time.... hoo roo

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1 comment:

molly said...

Another thing I love, you can pick up new and interesting blogs from others!

Thanks for that reply Lucky:)