Saturday, May 03, 2008

Out On A Limb

Two winters ago we lost our plum tree and after me cutting it down, the stump just sat there. I was using it to prop up a leaky duck pond so the ducks could play under it and at times lay their eggs there.

Today after me looking and say, "I need to dig that out", Pat took a sledge hammer to it. Nice hole where the tree was and it looks strange no seeing it in the duck run.

Pat then said he was going to make a start on the apricot tree we lost last spring. It was on my to do list and that was as far as it got.

A tommy hawk axe was used to scare the ducks as well as cut the roots of the tree. Above ground a shovel and the sledge hammer was used. Knew those gym lessons would come in handy.

Roots and stump of the apricot tree now removed.

Supervisors in for an inspection, Roz & Bundy having a bo-peep while the others went back to dibbing and scratching through a wheel barrow of weeds given to them earlier in the morning.

Our aim this winter is to plant out 1 new citrus tree in the duck run and 2 fruit trees in the espalier area. Pat & I will pick 1 fruit tree each out.

I did some gardening today, not a lot with this cold I have. But enough to keep me happy. Ipost about this tomorrow.

We had a BBQ for lunch as the weather was just stunning outside.

Then inside to have a rest as by this time I was stuffed. Check out what I was doing while new gloves.

Until next time....hoo roo

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