Saturday, May 24, 2008


With the cold nights here, we are often being woken up with a cat wanting to get into bed and get warm. Who said a fur coat keeps you warm.....never met our cats.

This is Rebel my pure White Russian and he's 5 years old. Each winter we bond so much on the cold nights.

Often when Pat gets up to go to the loo, Rebel will spread himself out in under the sheet & blankets. So when Pat comes back to bed....there is no room for him. Rebel loves to put his cold feet on Pat as he knows Pat will shift and that means more room for Rebel.

Last night I took the camera up to bed with us and this is Rebel, after being rudely woken up with the camera flashing at him at about 2 am.

I love to wake up and find Rebel curled up in my arms. As I get to snuggle into him and his purring sends me back to sleep.

Until next time....hoo roo


Kez said...

You just made me miss my cat so much :( She used to do that sort of stuff too..

Kez said...

Oh Rebel is a beautiful boy btw!

Lucky-1 said...

Hi Kez,

When we loose our little family members, often a photo can remind us of them. Both Pat & I often think of the 3 Siamese cats he had when we met. They have been gone a long time now.

Rebel is a mummy's boy....:)