Saturday, May 03, 2008

While I Was Sleeping

Last night we forgot to lock the ducks & 3 bantams in the shed. I am so over this head cold I have. Would love to have my voice back to normal and a clear head.

Anyway when we got up this morning (late too) after a crappy nights sleep, we were greeted with the following........

Frerro Roche perched on the "people fence" waiting for me to come and feed them all.

Duchess was more impatient and was running round on the lawn.

Rubbing it in that she was on the people side of the fence and not the poultry side.

Very lucky to have them all safe and sound...... as we have had problems in the past from foxes.

Today I will be sowing the leek seedlings I scored earlier in the week. Punnet of seedlings were marked down to 99 cents.

This involves a highly technical form of transplanting. Taking a plastic chop stick and making a hole in the ground and dropping the seedling into it. Easiest way of transplanting out leeks.

Until next time....hoo roo

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Kate said...

I almost didn't read on in case there were going to be gruesome photos of dead ducks! So glad everyone was OK.

Lucky-1 said...

Oh Kate I'd never put such photos up on my blog..... it wold be too upsetting for me and my readers.:)

No just photos of ducks being a bit naughty....LOL