Monday, June 30, 2008

Some Rain Today

Very happy to wake up this morning to the sound of rain on our roof. Not light rain, but good solid rain with small hail thrown in for good measure.

I took these 2 photos in between the down pours.

Those short hourly news breaks on TV are saying we are below our June average rainfall. So it was a wonderful surprise to measure 16.5 mm of rain in our rain gauge.

Garden is once again lovely and wet and rain water tank is full. mrgreen

This rain came at the right time, as on Wednesday I am out in part of my no-dig garden.

Ducks are happy as, out dabbling in puddles.

Tomorrow we are off up north to see my dad & step mum for the day. Hoping to be able to take some photos up north to show you how beautiful South Australia is.

Until next time....hoo roo

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Friday, June 27, 2008

In Two Easy Steps

How to put the chooks off the lay in 2 easy steps. lol mrgreen lol

My new gum boots, groovy huh question question

Until next time....hoo roo

Thursday, June 26, 2008

Where Have I been???

Have you been wondering where I have been?

Pat & I have been busy getting James' old bedroom ready for the new gym equipment that arrived yesterday.

So Jim moved out, gym moved in lol

Back in March & April of this year, Pat did that 2 month lecture program to do with lung diseases and with that was 2 X 3/4 hour gym work outs each week. His fitness level increased and when he had an asthma attack he recovered from the server ones in a couple of days not about 4 days.

The whole idea of this is to help stop Pat needing oxygen down the track perhaps 24/7. We have had one over night stay in hospital and on oxygen this year already.

So instead of James' room sitting with a double bed in it and hardly being used.....

End of financial year sales are just wonderful...if your in the market for something. The multi fitness gym was reduced by $300 and the leg press that was attached to it on the floor in the shop was worth $400.

When we went back to pay for it, we were told the leg press was separate. But as we had been quoted with the leg press included they gave it to us.

So we had a saving of $700 mrgreen My kind of end of year sale.

So from tomorrow onwards we'll do a daily work out in the gym as well as our usual walking we do.

Also we have been busy this week getting Pat's new computer tower sorted out. Two trips back into the city later..... we found out the tower is okay, our monitor isn't. The new computer tower picked up the fault and we had no picture on the monitor. Analog works fine, not digital.

So with 6 days of warranty left on the monitor, it's off to computer hospital and we have a free loaner monitor until Pat's is back.

So tomorrow is going to be spent at home, relaxing and just taking it easy.

Might even get to do some gardening. eek

Until next time....hoo roo

Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Burra's Ducks

Yesterday Pat & I went to Burra for the day, as Debbie is staying at their house for this week. We had a great time sitting in front of her fire, drinking tea and coffee and just chatting.

I took up some home made cream of chicken soup up, to go with what Deb was giving us for lunch. Some baby leafy greens from the garden, for her salads. Lots of sock wool I had bought last week, to show her.

So after a craft chat with a show & tell, we ventured outside for a tour of the garden.

Then off for a walk around the main street of Burra.

Of course I couldn't go past the river and not feed the local ducks. Friendly little buggers is a kind way to describe them. lol

Pat was just so popular as he had the bag of bread rolls. These ducks aren't shy about asking (or taking) bread from fingers.

Once I had enough photos of ducks & Pat , we all started to feed the ducks.

Oh how friendly are these little guys. Lots of pretty coloured ducks and just so comical jumping up to reach the bread rolls before the next bill grabs it.

My face says it all.

Once we ran out of bread...... the ducks dropped us like hot rocks. Turned tail without a thank you or a hoo roo and went back into the creek.

That is what I love about animals, you know where you stand with them and there is no miss understanding about it. mrgreen

This is the creek we walked to and fed the ducks. Such a pretty spot and there are toilets and areas for eating there.

Just turning around from taking the photo of where the ducks are, I took this photo of the bridge you drive or walk over.

Such a stunning area and a beautiful place to take a walk to or have a rest if traveling.

Until next time....hoo roo

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Monday, June 09, 2008

Visiting Debbie & Her Family

If you are a long time reader of my blog, you would have come across my sister's name Debbie. She & her family live on a sheep station out from Burra (South Australia) and they are my sheep poo supplier.

This June long weekend Pat, Amy & myself traveled up to see them, as it was their oldest child's 21st birthday. What a great place to have a party.

I'm not going to bore you with family photos but more of the scenery of the kms we traveled to get there and what we saw. So hop in Amy's car (as she drove) and join in.

As much as I love the city life and my little wanna be farm, I so love to visit the outback, where I spent so much of my life. We travels 125 kms out from Burra to reach the station and it was just such a lovely drive.

This photo gives you an idea of the road we traveled. Some areas were not as closed in as what this part was.

Amy's car is a Commodore sedan. Rain had fallen during the week before we traveled up and so Amy was given some tips by her dad on how to drive around these "little" puddles on the road.

Photo is blurry, as we were traveling at the time. Thought it was a great way to show you how thick the scrub can be when keeping an eye out for sheep, emus, wild goats and kangaroos.

While Amy kept her eye on the road Pat & I kept our eyes out for animals that may be hiding in the shrub. Traveling on the dirt road and you hit a kangaroo... it can leave you with a damaged car. That may or may not be able to be driven.

One of the offending animals we keep our eye out for. Isn't he handsome?? Also notice the background, more open and not so many trees. Scenery is alway changing when we travel out to Paul & Deb's place.

Inside the wool shed. Deb & Paul had just under 100 people there and what a sight the wool shed looked like. Never seen a wool shed looking so spiffy in my life. They did a great job decorating it. Friend came up a few days earlier to help them out.

We had a camp oven dinner cooked by Paul and his off siders and it was so yummy. After the food is popped into the camp ovens hot coals are placed on & under the ovens and left to cook the food. This can take a few hours and its worth the wait.

Paul showing us here what he's got cooking inside. The meat was so tender and vegies were spot on as well.

To make it easier for the guests there was a porter loo. For those who didn't want to walk back to the shearing quarters in the dark. My thumb is up, because I wasn't sure when I opened the door......if I'd be still facing the same way. My nephew Dion was rocking the loo, while I was inside. I wasn't sure if he was turning it round so when I opened the door I was facing a different direction.

Some of the sheep in the shearing shed...for the "townies" to see them. Wonder what they thought of us all having a party??

On the way home the next day, we had rain. Love the cloud pattern in this photo.

Seeing rain falling out in the distance is just beautiful. As in the city we can see the rain falling as far as the next building will allow us.

So there you have it, a taste of my other life I treasure so much.

Thank you Deb & Paul for a FAB TAB of a weekend and a chance to help celebrate Josephine's 21st. Ashley (younger brother to Jo) you and your band "rock" thanks for the concert.

Until next time....hoo roo

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Thursday, June 05, 2008


Ducks will play in the smallest amount of water they can find. I didn't give their pond a clean out today, but they did get their daily clean water.

I use rainwater for the animals and my garden. Bundy and Paddles just couldn't resist a bath after I had finished feeding and watering them this morning.

The little movie goes for about 28 seconds and there is sound, so you will be able to hear their excitement as they play. mrgreen

Cleaned out the chook bedding area and this was either added to the compost bin or around the lemon tree as a top dressing.

Harvested more baby rocket and lettuce leaves. Once this was done I gave all the leafy greens a feed of sheep manure tea.

Thinned out the last area of the carrots and now I just sit back and wait for the roots to thicken up. By that time we should be able to use the carrots in our kitchen, rather than feed them to Cadbury & Flossy.

Been a really nice morning out in the garden razz

Until next time....hoo roo

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Wednesday, June 04, 2008

Eggs, Eggs & More Eggs

Since I started having chooks & ducks I have always kept a tally on what eggs I collect each day. Over the years I have fine tuned it to chooks, bantams & ducks on my excel chart. You will notice a few empty spots...those days I hadn't recorded the eggs for that day and added them on the next day's tally.

This way I know at any given time by looking, which breed is laying and at what time of the year.

Bantams have just come into lay again and so now I am able to use their eggs in salads and hard boil a few and keep in the fridge as a snack.

My excel chart isn't just numbers it's a story of what my garden is doing and how it feeds us from month to month.

Also it allows me to remember not to take the gang for granted and to remember to say thanks for their contribution to our organic eating each day.

At the end of the year I look back and think.... wow... that was a lot of eggs laid. I updated the egg count on my blog this morning and I noticed we are edging closer to the 1000 egg mark. mrgreen

Ducks have about finished their molt and towards the end of winter, they come back on the lay. These eggs are sold as well as used in my kitchen along with the Isa Brown eggs. Little light Sussex bantam eggs are only used in my kitchen.

Now that is a lot of eggs eek

Until next time....hoo roo

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Monday, June 02, 2008

Vegies Starting With "C"

Carrots are needing to be thinned out, making room for the roots to thicken. About once a week I check and see what is happening and thin them out some.

Those carrot tops are just so green and lush.

Root part of the carrots aren't big enough, even to be used as baby carrots in my kitchen. But not wasting them, Cadbury and Flossy go nuts when these are included in their evening meal. Nothing is wasted here in Luckyland.

Celery & a couple of rainbow chard seedlings from "our good gardening buddy" Pepe. He dropped these off last Wednesday while visiting for the gardening BBQ. I'll plant these out next week.

Not sure what happened with the chilli plant, but I now have chillies coming on it. Not very big and not sure how big they will be and if they ripen. Though the darkness on the skin seems to indicate this could be happening now. eek

I should be about at the end of my chilli harvest, not at the start. confused

Until next time....hoo roo

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