Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Burra's Ducks

Yesterday Pat & I went to Burra for the day, as Debbie is staying at their house for this week. We had a great time sitting in front of her fire, drinking tea and coffee and just chatting.

I took up some home made cream of chicken soup up, to go with what Deb was giving us for lunch. Some baby leafy greens from the garden, for her salads. Lots of sock wool I had bought last week, to show her.

So after a craft chat with a show & tell, we ventured outside for a tour of the garden.

Then off for a walk around the main street of Burra.

Of course I couldn't go past the river and not feed the local ducks. Friendly little buggers is a kind way to describe them. lol

Pat was just so popular as he had the bag of bread rolls. These ducks aren't shy about asking (or taking) bread from fingers.

Once I had enough photos of ducks & Pat , we all started to feed the ducks.

Oh how friendly are these little guys. Lots of pretty coloured ducks and just so comical jumping up to reach the bread rolls before the next bill grabs it.

My face says it all.

Once we ran out of bread...... the ducks dropped us like hot rocks. Turned tail without a thank you or a hoo roo and went back into the creek.

That is what I love about animals, you know where you stand with them and there is no miss understanding about it. mrgreen

This is the creek we walked to and fed the ducks. Such a pretty spot and there are toilets and areas for eating there.

Just turning around from taking the photo of where the ducks are, I took this photo of the bridge you drive or walk over.

Such a stunning area and a beautiful place to take a walk to or have a rest if traveling.

Until next time....hoo roo

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Libbys Blog said...

We have ducks in our local town that do exactly that. The children love the idea of feeding them, but when they get 'mobbed' it scares them silly!! lol!!