Thursday, June 26, 2008

Where Have I been???

Have you been wondering where I have been?

Pat & I have been busy getting James' old bedroom ready for the new gym equipment that arrived yesterday.

So Jim moved out, gym moved in lol

Back in March & April of this year, Pat did that 2 month lecture program to do with lung diseases and with that was 2 X 3/4 hour gym work outs each week. His fitness level increased and when he had an asthma attack he recovered from the server ones in a couple of days not about 4 days.

The whole idea of this is to help stop Pat needing oxygen down the track perhaps 24/7. We have had one over night stay in hospital and on oxygen this year already.

So instead of James' room sitting with a double bed in it and hardly being used.....

End of financial year sales are just wonderful...if your in the market for something. The multi fitness gym was reduced by $300 and the leg press that was attached to it on the floor in the shop was worth $400.

When we went back to pay for it, we were told the leg press was separate. But as we had been quoted with the leg press included they gave it to us.

So we had a saving of $700 mrgreen My kind of end of year sale.

So from tomorrow onwards we'll do a daily work out in the gym as well as our usual walking we do.

Also we have been busy this week getting Pat's new computer tower sorted out. Two trips back into the city later..... we found out the tower is okay, our monitor isn't. The new computer tower picked up the fault and we had no picture on the monitor. Analog works fine, not digital.

So with 6 days of warranty left on the monitor, it's off to computer hospital and we have a free loaner monitor until Pat's is back.

So tomorrow is going to be spent at home, relaxing and just taking it easy.

Might even get to do some gardening. eek

Until next time....hoo roo

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