Saturday, July 26, 2008

Compost Bays & Wormwood.

Carrying on with what we did yesterday leads me to talking and showing you my final attempt to prune back that wormwood and how it brought about new open compost bays.

One thing I do find when I have planned a full day in the garden, is you can't rely on sticking to the planned list for that day. At times I found myself going off in another direction as this idea came into my head or what I was working on needed modifying.

With the most beautiful sunny day came lunch outside as well. Pat was going to cook the BBQ, but in the end I was chief cook. Pat was still preparing the area for the fruit trees and so I took a break from gardening and fed us.

With the day being 100% outside, I let the girls out to roam in the duck run. If I'm not outside all day in the garden, the girls can't come out of their run. I have a couple of egg laying freaks, who love to raid the vegie patch. With all those new plants in the vegie patch..... no way they are getting even a sniff at hopping the "people fence" and having a grand time.

The girls were well behaved and didn't hop the fence one. Ducks also enjoyed the chance to check the chook run out and see what they could eat.

The wormwood shrub, lost count of how many times I have started to prune this plant back and not finished the job.

I have everything I need for planting out a green manure crop and so nothing was going to stand in my way from cutting this monster back.

Took me over an hour to cut it back. As I cut, over the fence the branches went. I was going to use my wheel barrow, but I soon found out that idea wasn't any good. Had lots of quacking supervisors helping me and giving their opinion on how to tackle this bush.

Once the plant was pruned back as far as I could get it. By this time I was so over the plant, I said to Pat.... it's going......out of the vegie patch.

I started to dig around the base of the plant and after a while Pat took over and had it removed so much quicker than what I would have. It took an iron dropped and a paver along with the shovel to remove the roots from the ground.

The root system of a wormwood plant. I have no idea of this is normal for a wormwood plant or mine was a freak of nature. One thing is for sure....... don't plant one of these babies in your vegie patch. Took both Pat & I to carry the last of the plant over into the duck run. Ducks had a grand time going through the roots of the bush, looking for tid bits.

I got Pat to break off a good size piece for me and after a trim......

I planted it in the chook run. Wormwood is great for repelling fleas and I figured if it grows, the chooks will keep it under control. If it dies, I'll pull it up and compost it.

Look at all that space I now have for putting to good use, growing other things. Thinking of popping a boarder of comfrey on the fence line. Nothing can be planted in a duck bills length, so why have weeds growing there. Making the compost volume I do, a few more of these plants won't go astray.

Okay, now I have no wormwood plant in the vegie patch, just all in the duck run. A whole pile of it and what to do with it.

I can do the following

  1. Chop it up by hand and place it out for council green waste collecting this coming week.
  2. I can leave it there until it all dies back and then chuck it out for collection.
  3. Or I can compost it and over fill my black compost bin and leave heaps laying around.
  4. Make a new composting area.
Number 4 seems like a good way to go.

So late yesterday afternoon we set about making an open bay compost bin from those pallets I was given.

Main question was. How do we keep the pallets upright without costing us too much?

By using an iron dropper and placing it between the top and bottom slats of the pallet. We were able to use only 4 and not 8 iron droppers to make our first compost bay.

All ready for use and a recycled garden trellis to keep the compost in and the ducks & bantams out.

Now I am ready to recycle the wormwood and other items on a larger scale. So I can now get rid of those leaking duck ponds I have been using for compost bins in bare ground. So holey now, wonder the Pope didn't come visit them.

I'll have to do some research on how to run an open bay and what and how to use it at it's full potential.

Going from this photo, I have a lot of green waste for starting the compost off. Better go and get it all started.

Still to be sorted out in my backyard are

  • green manure
  • plant out 1 plum, 2 apple trees
  • raspberry canes cut back
  • fruit trees espaliered
  • spuds planted out
Stories for another day biggrin

Until next time....hoo roo

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