Saturday, July 26, 2008

Espalier Trees

This afternoon I tackled the job of espaliering the nectarine and one of the 2 plum trees. The idea of espaliering trees is to take advantage of small spaces and using fences and walls that other wise are not doing a lot in the yard.

I used an old pillow slip to tie the branches in the direction I want the branches to grow. At a later stage I can adjust the branches if needed. This is a learning curb for me in growing fruit trees this way. As time goes by I am hoping my experience in espaliering trees will improve.

Also I can replace the strips of pillowcase if I find a "more pleasing on the eyes" way to tie & train the branches.

Nectarine tree, looking at it side on. The branches pointing to the left and right will be removed and only the side branches will be left for fruit to grow on.

Nectarine tree now espaliered against a trellis. I had Pat hold up the tarp for you to get a better look at the end result. More branches on the left, but in time I hope this will change and even out.

Ruby Blood plum before it was pruned.

All pruned and in time these branched may be lowered further if I want.

Side view now both trees are finished. I have also mulched the soil leaving the tree trunks free of straw.

While Pat was cutting up the wormwood and placing it in the new compost bin. I finished off the fruit tree area, harvested 2 cane baskets of greens from the garden. Fed the leafy greens some organic manure tea and mucked out the chook house & duck house putting their bedding into the compost bay.

Tomorrow I want to prune the raspberry canes and mulch this area and hopefully get the green manure in as well. Time will tell.

Until next time....hoo roo

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Stepford Sisters said...

I love your espalier photos. It is great to see them at different stages, and the blossoms on your nectarine tree are beautiful!

My blog ( recently did a post on espalier trees and how-to. We mentioned your blog and linked to your espalier category so our readers could take a look at your great photos and tips...I like the idea of using pillow slips since they are so easy to untie if you need to.

To check out our espalier post and link to you just go to:

~xo Stepford Sister xo~