Thursday, July 24, 2008

Fruit Trees At Last.

After loosing our 2 fruit trees to what we believe to be poison contracted through wind spray, I am so excited to announce ......... we have 3 new fruit trees for our backyard.

This morning Pat & I took a ride to a plant nursery out toward Virgina way. While traveling there, we saw lots of market gardeners busy sowing or harvesting paddocks of vegies.

This nursery is a FAB TAB of a huge place to visit and I had to keep a close watch on the purse strings. Lots of wonderful items for sale, ranging from water features to plants for all parts of the garden.

Lots of fruiting trees and ornamental deciduous trees to look at and to search through, when after a particular tree.

This is where we found 2 of the fruit trees we bought. I knew the variety of nectarine I was wanting for our backyard. Pat was humming and harring over the choices he had to choose from. We were looking at this trip buying 2 fruit trees for the espaliering area I allocated 2 years ago. Pat wanted another plum tree , so we need to buy 2 for pollinating purposes.

Even though one of the fruit trees that died was a plum, we wanted to make sure the one Pat choose today, would have all the help it need to fruit.

"Ruby Blood" plum on the left and on the right, "Goldmine" Nectarine. These 2 will be espaliered.

"Mariposa" plum, this tree will be planted in the duck run area.

We made sure that both plum trees will be cropping at different stages in the summer season. Late March for "Ruby Plum" and mid season for "Mariposa". Sure hope this means different times in the season. lol

Tomorrow we'll be planting out the 2 trees to be espaliered. The "Mariposa" will be early next week. Helps with this tree in a pot.

I was starting to think the area of the garden wasn't ever going to happen. The area was ready last winter, but with the drought and what was happening (or not happening) with the state government, I put it off. So pleased we are now making a move with planting and growing fruit trees and of our own choices.

We also priced citrus trees as I hope to have a mandarin and an orange tree in the duck run, by the end of September.

Until next time....hoo roo

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