Friday, July 25, 2008

Fruit Trees & carrots.

Today's plan was to get ex amount done out in the garden, though the main item to be done was 2 of the 3 fruit trees planted out.

I'm sitting here filthy and smelling so much like my soil and garden. Pat's having first shower and while I wait for my shower, thought I'd start posting what we did today.

First off this morning, while Pat was taking all his medication. I started out in the area where I wanted to sow some more carrot seeds.

This is the area where I have parsley & chives growing and the carrots seeds were to go in. First off I weeded around the parsley & chives, then removed all other weeds and lawn that was creeping into this area.

To save opening & shutting the "people gate" I left it open. Ducks took advantage of the opening and were happy quacking around the yard.....doing duckie things. This would be the last time they are able to come out as once the seeds are sown. Their favourite area is where the carrots are going to be sown.

Found this weed growing in the tiniest amount of soil in this piece of paper that hadn't broken down properly. Weeds will grow anywhere in the smallest crack or the most amazing place. No wonder we can think battling weeds is an endless task.

Ducks doing their best to help weed, remove bugs, slugs, worms and curl grubs.

The area is still teaming with worms, even after the ducks had be banished to their run. Worms were coming out of the soil like there was no tomorrow.

Managed to sow 3 rows of "all season" carrots once the soil had been prepared. Next sowing will be end of September in line with moon plantings.

We did a trip to Bunnings before we got too involved in the fruit tree adventure. The whipper snipper needed to go back as it doesn't work. Only had it a month too. Needs to be sent away to whipper snipper hospital, gone for about 2 weeks.

As I needed some bird netting for the green manure area. Also I bought some gypsum and blood & bone while at the shop. I had to wait 20 mins to get the bird netting cut and priced. Didn't make me a happy gardener as I wanted to be home, in my garden with the sun on my back.

While Pat got himself organized, I harvested carrots for the kitchen.

Couple of little carrots along with the tops went to Cadbury & Flossy. Rabbits so love to feast on freshly picked carrot tops.

Once Pat was ready to start getting 2 of the fruit trees planted we stood round and chatted about what we wanted and how to get the best out of the project.

One thing we noticed was the area wasn't wide enough from the fence to the pavers. We were thinking of ex amount of years down the track and the size of the tree trunk. Using some wood to mark the area, we decided to go out a pavers length. You can see how sunny our day was from the brightness of the photo and the darkness of the shadows.

Once the extra soil was removed the pavers were placed against the new edge and then the soil was prepared for the nectarine & plum tree was planted out. We added a good amount of gypsum to the area to help with reducing a clay build up. I had already added old manures and compost leading up today's planting.

All planted out, nectarine on the left and Ruby Plum on the right. I gave them a good drink of rainwater with seasol mixed in to help with transplant shock and strengthen the root system.

Notice in the back ground the new compost bays and the worm wood what happened to that massive bush???

That is tomorrow's story as I have a date with the shower. Make sure you bring a hot drink when reading tomorrow's post..... sure worked up a thirst removing the wormwood plant/tree.

Until next time....hoo roo

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