Saturday, July 19, 2008


From a females point of view, what gets you all excited when given a gift?

  • Jewelery
  • Perfume
  • Clothes
  • Shoes
  • Flowers
Well for me the only one there in that list would be flowers.

I'm a more practical receiver and nothing gets me more excited than some of the gifts I have received over the last week or so.

Some of these gifts have been combined with a swap of items from my place as well.

One of Amy's friend has his own organic garden and I was taken there weeks ago to have a look. One of the things Justin wanted to do was start his worm farm up again. I couldn't resist the idea of helping another person kick start a worm farm and help our planet.

So these two yogurt containers were filed with composting worms for Justin when he announced to Amy he was calling in. The worms were traded for a box of skinny coke for me.

Justin also gave me as well 3 pallets.

I asked Justin when visiting his house, if he was going to make some open bay compost bins with the pallets. He hadn't thought of this and so we talked about how to set them up and how to make a good compost using these open bays.

Next thing I was offered 2 pallets when they became free of all the pavers stacked on them. Oh it was like a gift from heaven for this little gardener. To be able to make my own open bay compost bins and make even more compost for the garden.

When 3 pallets arrived I was over the moon..... now I just need to buy some iron droppers to hold the pallets in place and I'm in business.

Our good gardening buddy "Pepe" when he called in here to collect his young rooster, gave me a gift made of gold. Pigeon poo mixed in water. This 2.25 ltr bottle of gold will have my leafy greens ecstatic with yummy nutrients. Pepe told me a little bit in my 9 ltr watering can will go a long way.

Pepe also gave me some maxi-crop for my plants as well. Usually I send him home with worm wee, but I haven't gotten round to straining what was in the buckets under the farms, on the day he called in.

Jaxter gave us some "Leatherwood" honey from Tasmania as a thank you for letting her and hubby call in and have a look at our garden. She loves reading my blog and was visiting SA and passed through my area. I was flattered and very chuffed to be able to show my garden and animals off in "real time" and not via my blog.

Gardeners tend to be very giving when meeting other gardeners. Love to trade and share their harvests and knowledge.

For me these gifts mean more than a truck load of money.... as they came from the heart.

Until next time....hoo roo

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Libbys Blog said...

What brilliant gifts/swaps for the gardener! I really must get round to making or getting a worm farm going!! I remember you did a post on it awhile back so will have to have another look!!!